A Sailing Vacation in Malta

A Sailing Vacation in Malta

It’s a fact known among sailors that the act of sailing brings people back to basics and helps in bringing out the purest form of human nature.

No matter how much we try to reject it in the rush of everyday life – it’s undeniable that nature is way more powerful than we are. The peaceful moments that engrave in our memories – the open seas that wake the beauty in us…it’s all reachable and available to us, especially during the summer season when we simply feel the need to run back to nature.

Learn about the benefits of a Maltese sailing trip.


A Maltese Sailing Trip

Benefits of Sailing

Can one even think of a better way to connect to nature than sailing on your very own boat, at least for a couple of weeks?

Combining boat sailing and a beautiful sailing destination seems to be the perfect escape from the world as we know it.

And when talking about the perfect destination for sailing - imagine it as a perfect secluded island surrounded by clearest blue waters, perfect beaches and lots of things to see and do – the first thing that should come to mind is the island of Malta.

If you ask the locals about the best way to explore the best Maltese beauties, the answer will be univocal: rent a boat and enjoy your vacation time in the best possible way.


Preparation For Your Sailing Trip

A little research made before your trip will be enough for you to find out that the sailing options on the island of Malta are endless.

Whether you are looking to visit some famous spots such as the Blue Lagoon and the crystal-clear waters surrounding it, or you prefer some tranquil places to relax your mind and spirit: Malta has it all.


Things to Do in Malta

The charm of the nearby islands of Gozo and Comino seen by day; a night party time spent in Gozo and it’s famous bars, combining these trips with hiking or any other sport you can think of – it’s all doable on the beautiful island of Malta.

With so many anchorage points available for you, almost every part of Malta can be reached by that boat of yours. This archipelago of islands has a coastline that allows you to always be close to the shore and therefore – explore the beautiful inland closely and at your own convenience.

It’s not by chance that Malta is often the first choice for boat sailors – it’s the simple, yet magnificent energy that leaves you speechless once you get close to the shore.

Wishing you an unforgettable Maltese sailing holiday!