Sailing Events Around the World

Sailing Events Around the World

The warmer months have finally started (well at least in the Southern hemisphere). This means we can start enjoying the outdoors in many ways. But one kind of event often overlooked are sailing events – since it seems only those who sail make a big deal out of these events.

But whether as a participant or a supporter, you’d be missing out on all the excitement if you were not at least aware of these events.


Top Sailing Events:

Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race

In Australia we find the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race, which starts in Sydney and ends in Hobart, Tasmania.

For over 70 years, the Rolex Sydney Hobart has become an icon of Australia's summer sport. No regular annual yachting event in the world attracts as much attention.

This is a 628-mile offshore race, a battleground for everyone: skippers, tacticians and crews alike. It is one of the most famous races and one to keep an eye on.


Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show

This event in Antigua usually marks the start of the Caribbean yacht charter season.

Every year the world’s most prestigious luxury charters converge on Falmouth Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard, in the picturesque and historic Southern part of the Island.

The show’s main goal is for Charter Brokers to scrutinise the yachts at the start of the winter season. This allows them to advise their clients, recommending the top yachts.


Novamarine Rob Meek Overnight Race

Organised by Cape Town’s Royal Cape Yacht Club, this event sees contestants race, overnight, from Table Bay, in the Western Cape, to Saldanha Bay. The maximum number of crew ranges from 7 to 20, depending on the yacht’s size.

The amount of co-ordination and teamwork it takes to propel the yacht is primarily what makes watching an event like this so exciting.

There is a growing sailing culture of experts, enthusiasts, events and yacht courses in Cape Town.


New Zealand Millennium Cup

The New Zealand Marine Export Group hosts the Millennium Cup. Here a fleet of superyachts, that have to be a minimum of 30 metres long, will compete as part of the Bay of Islands Sailing Week.

This special division for superyachts provides opportunities for these specialised users to find a space where they can compete on equal ground with others. Considering the success of this race throughout the world, it’s no wonder that it’s so popular.

All these and other events are great opportunities for yacht enthusiasts, even if you yourself do not own one. Watching crews in action, witnessing the beauty of design can all be fulfilling in themselves.