Sagrada Familia - Buy Your Tickets in Advance!

Sagrada Familia - Buy Your Tickets in Advance!

La Sagrada Familia is one of Gaudi's finest piece of work, and consequently one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona, perhaps even in Spain.

But who wants to wait over three hours on a street corner under the warm Catalunyan sun? 

There is no such thing as just "popping in the Sagrada Familia"!

Lucky for us travelers, Internet is quite the wonderful tool - you can book your ticket online, print it out and skip the queues.

Simple as that!

It only takes a few seconds to get inside the basilica if you booked your ticket in advance, as opposed to several uncomfortable hours for the more spontaneous option.

Tickets can be bought directly on the Sagrada Familia's website ( All you need is a credit card and a printer. And even if you can't print it yourself, just ask the reception of your hotel, and they'll happily do it for you.

Happy exploring!


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