Sacred Valley Of Peru, with the small villages of Pisac and Ollantaytambo

Sacred Valley Of Peru, with the small villages of Pisac and Ollantaytambo

When travelers are reminded of the Sacred Valley in Peru, they think of their journey to Macchu Picchu. I think fondly of my holiday stops in other parts of the Sacred Valley also.

First there is the small village of Pisac. It is a souvenir lover's paradise! The town's outdoor market consists of row upon row of vendor stalls selling everything from woven bags to traditional jewelry to statues. The locals appear wearing their native, colorful clothing, shawls, and hats from a bygone era. There are even music performances of indigenous instruments at various times of day.

Another great stop in the valley is a farm where they raise alpacas and vicunas. Visitors can actually feed alfalfa to them. I did this myself! They were gentle creatures.

Further up the path, local weavers spin the wool of these animals to make fabric. They then use natural dyes to color the fabric. You may watch the weavers as they do their work. When the products are completed, travelers can go into the shop on site to purchase these handmade sweaters, scarfs, hats, bags, and other beautifully made clothing items.

Finally, another must-see destination for the tourist is Ollantaytambo. This small village contains an Inca ruins site from the rein of an Inca emperor and conqueror. It contains a ceremonial center, agricultural terraces, and shops.

The Sacred Valley is very picturesque with its mountains, streams, and valleys. Be sure to make a visit!

Written and contributed by Maria


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