The sacred lagoon of Guatavita - Cundinamarca - Colombia

The sacred lagoon of Guatavita - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Guatavita is a small town located two hours from Bogota.


It is in spanish architecture style buildet town, very romantic. Its situated by a artificial lake "La Represa Guatavita".


15km far from the town guatavita you find the entrance to the parc - Guatavita Lagoon, the lagoon Guatavita was reputedly one of the sacred lakes of the Muiscas Indigenous and a ritual conducted there may have been the basis for the legend of El Dorado. The lagoon is situated over an impresiv landscapes view.


The legend says the lake is where the Cazigue (spiritual head of the muiscas) celebrated a ritual in which he (named also "El Dorado") was covered in gold dust before bathing in its waters. Afterward, jewelry was thrown in. A few artifacts of gold and silver found at bottom hold proof to this claim; however, to date, the trips to the bottom of the lagoon have yielded no more than these.


Guatavita today bears a curious notch in its cliffside, evidence of an attempt to drain the lake by the conquistadores in 1580.


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