RUSTN, Rise Up Surf Tours Nicaragua: Salinas Grandes' Surf Tours

RUSTN, Rise Up Surf Tours Nicaragua: Salinas Grandes' Surf Tours

If you want to surf and do yoga in Northern Nicaragua I highly suggest that you go visit Rise Up Surf Tours Nicaragua (RUSTN).

Owned by Bahamian expat Phillip Southan, RUSTN is located on the uncrowded Playa Salinas Grandes, which is about 25 kilometres south of Leon.

Phil has been living and working in Nicaragua for years, and he has really outdone himself by creating RUSTN.


It's located on beautiful beachfront property with comfy, air conditioned rooms. Phil's fantastic staff literally cater to your every whim; from the moment we woke up in the morning to the time we hit the sack at night we were well cared for.

The value for your all-inclusive dollar at Rise Up Surf Tours Nicaragua is great. You can indulge in daily yoga classes, enjoy healthy and delicious meals, help yourself to cervesas, rum, and snacks in the well-stocked refrigerator, take a surf lesson while being photographed by RUSTN's awesome photographer, go fishing in the nearby estuary, or simply take a siesta in a hammock overlooking the sea.

Other tours like volcano boarding are also available by RUSTN but we were content to do yoga and surf.


The waves out front can accommodate all levels of surfers, from beginner to advanced.

If you need to take lessons, the staff is extremely knowledgable and helpful, plus you can use one of their surfboards if you don't have your own. 

The atmosphere at Rise Up Surf Tours Nicaragua is super positive, not to mention laced with fun. You feel more like you are hanging out with friends versus staying at a surf hotel when you are with the crew at Rise Up.

We went for two nights and ended up staying for five - it was that good!