Rome - Traveling solo and learn from the city, but also from yourself

Rome - Traveling solo and learn from the city, but also from yourself

One of the most amazing experiences for me is travelling alone. I think there is no better way of getting to know yourself than living adventures on your own.

Unfortunately I cannot do it often, but there are times when I really need it, and I take, at least, 3 or 4 days off to experience this feeling again. Of course, in 3 or 4 days I cannot go to the Congo, as I am not precisely from Tanzania. So, last time I did this I took a flight to Rome.

The point here is that, when you are travelling alone, your best friend and travel partner is no one else but you, so you will find out to what extent you can trust yourself, your ability to get over possible incidents and also to have fun by yourself.

I love it, to walk around an unknown city until I get to know it –at least a little bit. Visiting the bars or terraces I find charming and talking to strangers getting to know new people. And then, I start walking again, taking pictures, writing in my notebook. It’s really exhausting (and many times, very hot) but there are so many things to see and time is so short that there is no way to come back to one of the Rome apartments to rest. I’d better rest on the plane!

 So, I am amazed by this feeling of waking up in the morning, going out to the street and thinking: “Well, let’s see what happens today! Let’s see how the day ends”. As I am sure that I’ll do whatever I feel like at every time. As normally, when we travel with someone else we tend to schedule everything, and have to adapt to the other person’s wishes.


Although travelling with people is very rewarding and even funnier, this experience of going on one’s own, just to focus on the own existence it totally recommendable; most of time, people who live and work in a city, have very little time to reflect about themselves.

 Longer trips could be mentally hard to be alone, though one man's meat is another one's poison, -look at Christopher McCandless at Into the wild. So, especially if it’s just about few days, I highly recommend to try it, appreciate what other cities have to show you, and most, importantly, what you will learn, both from the city, but also from yourself.