A Road Trip Through Indiana

A Road Trip Through Indiana

If you want to experience the heartland of America, don’t be like those vacationers who have little time to explore the interesting places in Indiana. 

The point is not to rush but to slow down, take your own time, and hit the roads when you are all set to go on a long vacation. The state has lots to offer to RV enthusiasts like breathtaking spots, historical places, rolling hills, meandering rivers, mysterious caves, sand dunes, and beautiful beaches.

If you are an owner of a motor home, all you need to do is pack your bags and explore places you’ll never forget. And if you should not own a motor home, get into your car.


Here are four of the most remarkable places you must visit in Indiana:

1. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

If you are planning to explore a place known for its sand, recreational activities, and colorful wildflowers, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is the place to be. Situated in Porter, it embraces 15 miles of Lake Michigan’s southern shore and has loads to offer to RV-ers. Whether you are looking for scenic beauty or fine dining, the place has it all. It has a number of restaurants offering scrumptious delicacies to delight every taste bud. Those who love an outdoorsy lifestyle and seek adventure activities have many hiking and swimming options. And if you are a party animal, you will love to know that the area is popular for its electrifying nightlife. So eat, drink and shake your legs in one of the bars or nightclubs near Indiana Dunes. Let your hair down and have fun.


2. Levi Coffin House

Do you have a penchant for visiting historical places? If yes, stop by Fountain City to explore Levin Coffin House. This place had a significant role to play in the American history and was part of the Underground Railroad. Why is it worth your visit? Levi, the owner, also known as the President of the Underground Railroad, together with his wife Catharine helped many slaves flee from the southern states to enjoy a life of freedom, away from slavery.


3. Indiana Beach

Are you looking for some fun and excitement at the beach? The city of Monticello in Indiana will delight you and your kids with an amusement park and entertainment area. You will love the breathtaking rides. As a bonus, there is a water park as well at Indiana Beach. So it’s time to gear up for some summertime water fun. Please remember that kids who do not meet height requirements are not allowed to take rides.  Your children must be at least 44” tall to be eligible for the rides. Make sure they wear appropriate life jackets and swimwear. Moreover, the park is soon to add a wave pool to delight tourists.


4. Marengo Cave

The state’s most popular natural and tourist attraction is Marengo Cave. If you have an inclination towards cave exploration, you’ll love its gemstone mining, walking tours, picnic grounds, and canoeing options. You will also find a few walking trails and a gift shop in the cave. There is also a special activity for tourists, known as “The Crawl,” which provides an excellent opportunity for your kids to explore and take a tour of a maze. Make sure that you wear the right clothes to enjoy crawling into the cave. We recommend that you visit this place with an experienced guide who will educate you about its huge passageways and delicate formations.

Explore these amazing places in Indiana when you get a chance. Many prefer RV-ing down these beautiful places to enjoy the richness of the experience at their own pace. Experience Indiana’s varied scenery and distinct attractions during the drive. Make a motor home trip to Indiana a truly memorable one.