Rent a car in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Self Drive!

Rent a car in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Self Drive!

Have you ever thought of renting a car in Tanzania and perhaps to drive around the country by yourself?

Actually I would recommend you, to do exactly this.

It's much easier than you think and you'll enjoy your freedom and Tanzania! The only problem could be to rent a 4x4 without a driver. Most rental stations won't rent 4x4 for self drive. This is especially quite hard in Dar es Salaam, but we've found a great rental station with great prices......


They've got good 4x4's like Toyota Landcruisers or Land Rovers (Discovery), but also smaller and cheaper ones like Toyota Ravs. The cars are in a good condition and if you should have anything to complain, the x-car Team will take care of it. The prices are really good compared to others and they also offer a road service, if you should need help on your journey. But normally the best would be to help yourself of course, if possible, because the road conditions are special in Tanzania and it could take a while for help to arrive.

But I'm sure you won't have any problems to change tyres yourself.

Don't worry of getting lost in Tanzania. There aren't that many roads and if you shouldn't know which road to take, there are always some people around, who you could ask. But you should have a good map with you. This will help you, as there aren't many road signs around.


All right, some might say, that a guide isn't bad either... No worries!

If you get to the National Parks, you can ask at the entrance gate for a guide. They normally charge around $10 per day. On that way you would still have the fun to drive around in this beautiful and unique scenery and see perhaps a few more wild animals than beeing alone.

To get a price for self drive, just contact the X-car rental team via e-mail ( or via their homepage. There are no prices for self drive on their homepage for outside of Dar es Salaam, but they will give you a good price when you contact them.

Give them my (Melvin) greetings & enjoy Tanzania!


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