Relish the Lip Smacking Food of Himachal Pradesh

Relish the Lip Smacking Food of Himachal Pradesh

Have you ever relished the food of Himachal Pradesh in India? If not, you must take this chance at least once in your life.

Foods of Himachal Pradesh

Besides being blessed with the snow covered mountains, the freshness in the air, the tranquility in the ambience, the lush green valleys, and much more, Himachal Pradesh also offers scrumptious food from road vendors to the authentic restaurants and cafes. So, during your next tour of this charming state, you must relish the mouth watering food. Here are the details of the cuisine of this mountainous state.


Chana Madra of Chamba

Majorly consisting of soaked chickpeas (Chana), Madra, which originally belongs to the Chamba district of this charming state, is a delicacy, cooked well in oil and several spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, coriander powder, cumin seeds and turmeric powder, which add delicacy to the food. As Madra is counted among the few dishes displaying the food culture of this mountainous state, this dish can be enjoyed in every restaurant on the occasion of every festival.


Tudkiya Bhath of Chamba

Being the authentic Pulao of Himachal Pradesh, cooked by the Pahadi people in a very stylish way, Tudkiya Bhath is the dish, which is prepared from lentils, yoghurt and potatoes along with Indian spices such as tomatoes, onion, garlic, cardamom, and cinnamon to provide a great taste. To offer the best taste, the ingredients of this dish are added with the few drops of lime juice and mash Dal.


Dhaam of Manali and Chamba

Mostly served on the occasion of festivals, Dhaam, which is the dish comprising Rajma, Dal, curd, rice, Boor ki Kadi along with Gur (jaggery), is a complete food having a great taste with nutrients. The fact that experienced chefs called ‘Botis’ prepare this dish is the main feature about this dish. During festivals, you must explore this mountainous state to enjoy the best taste of this dish.


Bhey or Spicy Lotus stem (All Over Himachal)

Affectionately relished in the homes of the Himachali people, Bhey, which is made of the lotus stems, is a popular dish of Himachal Pradesh. To enhance the unique and great taste to the dish, gram flour, onions, and ginger garlic are used with the thinly sliced lotus stems.


Sidu of Kullu

Prepared with the additional use of mutton or some vegetables, Sidu, which is made of wheat flour, is a local dish of Himachal Pradesh. Being time consuming, Sidu is prepared with difficultly. In order to prepare this dish, the wheat flour is retained for 4 to 5 hours so that the yeast may settle down. After this, fat is put in the dough and to get the half cooked dough, it is put on the direct flame. To retain the nutrients and taste of the ingredients, this partly cooked dough is then steamed. To provide tourists a delicacy of the Himachali cuisine, this dish can easily be got in the local restaurants of this mountainous state.


Chha Gosht of Chamba

Boasting of being a tasty dish made of the marinated lamb further cooked in the gravy of yogurt and gram flour, Chha Ghost, which is an authentic Himachali cuisine, is perfect for a hardcore vegetarian. By cooking it well with the Indian spices like red chili powder, cardamom, coriander powder, ginger garlic paste, asafetida and bay leaf, the taste of this dish is very rich.


Babru of Shimla

The unique taste of famous Kachoris of North India can be experienced in Himachal Pradesh. Being a flat bread, Babru is made of the stuffing of the paste of black gram mixed with the kneaded dough. If you want to get the chance of relishing the dish better than the conventional Kachoris of North India, you should experience this bread with the scrumptious and crisp taste. Used to complement the renowned Chana Madra of Himachal Pradesh, Babru is best relished with a tamarind chutney.


Trout Fish of Kullu

In the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, you can relish several non-vegetarian dishes. Made of trout fish, the Kullu trout is a renowned dish of the Kullu region. To retain the original taste and nutrients of trout stable, the marinated fish is cooked in the minimal spices. Best coupled with several boiled vegetables, this dish is one of the healthiest dishes of this mountainous state.


Aktori of Lahaul-Spiti

Made in the form of a pancake or cake prepared of buckwheat leaves further cooked in the flour of wheat, Aktori, which is very much relished by the people of Himachal Pradesh during the festivals, is a festive dish in this mountainous state. In spite of being originated in the Spiti Valley, this dish is repeatedly made and affectionately relished all over the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh.


The Tibetan dishes

Without comprising the Tibetan cuisines, the food talk of Himchal Pradesh is incomplete. As this state has been a significant Tibetan colony, the regional food of this state has the touch of the Tibetan culture. The best of this food can be relished in Dharamshala and McLeodganj. Himachali people always prefer Momos. In addition to this, some of the dishes, that can be relished in the kiosks of Himachal Pradesh, are Thukpa, Luchi Poti, Tingmo, Naizha Cake, and Thentuk.


In this way, we can justly say that Himachal Pradesh is the perfect destination to relish tasty foods.

So, if you are eager to go to the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh, you must go there and taste the delicious cuisine of this region.


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