Relish A Family Trip In Summer Amid The Exotic Wilderness!

Relish A Family Trip In Summer Amid The Exotic Wilderness!

Jim Corbett National Park, positioned in the bottoms of Himalayas in Nainital of Uttarakhand, is a utopia for wildlife fans in the nation.

Remarkable with the striking nature; the Corbett has a diverse wildlife and dumbfounding landscape that entrances all the tourists. The major tiger reserve in the country and first national park in Asia, Corbett, is a spearhead in shielding the wildlife species that are on the periphery of disappearance.

As the bells of summer have already rung, you must be planning about enjoying summer vacation. What could be a better place than relishing the fascinating wilderness in the midst of the plenteousness of nature’s beauty?

Other than the exotic flora and fauna, Corbett also allows many adventure activities as well. Such exhilarating adventures are also the reason for the horde of tourists that come to Corbett every year.


Few of the major adventure activities in Jim Corbett National Park are:

  • River Rafting: River rafting tour takes through few of the most exquisite topographies offered by the Himalayas. It is a sport that all of the members in a family can undertake. Usually, the rafting tour around is done under the expert guidance and with the contemporary equipment.
  • Angling: Kosi and Ramganga are the two rivers in and around Corbett that are also the lifeline of Corbett. Both rivers provide the great opportunities for Mahseer Fishing. Although the fishing is prohibited inside the park, one can enjoy this recreation in the nearby areas of the park.
  • Backpacking: The scales of majestic Himalayas makes Corbett a paramount destination for backpacking in the world. While doing this adventure, the backpackers witness the flawless pulchritude of nature and the astounding tranquility.
  • Mountain Biking: The mountain biking around Corbett is targeted to exploring the scenic landscapes through this enthralling adventure activity. Mountain biking takes you to the trails of verdant forests and villages. Riding a bike amidst the bounty of nature is a peerless experience.
  • Parasailing: Parasailing is an enchanting adventure in which the rider is hitched to a parachute. This parachute is tied and the adventurer is lofted in a speedy way through a speedy sort of transportation.
  • Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that allows the adventurer to combat with the gravity. While climbing a rock, there is no time for distraction or diversion. Areas around Corbett offer many opportunities to overcome the phobia of height through rock climbing.
  • River Crossing: While undertaking river crossing, an adventurer wears the harness and crosses the river with the help of a rope that is tied end to end of the river. Ramganga River provides exciting opportunities of river crossing to the adventure freaks.
  • Wildlife Safari: Indeed, wildlife safari tours add exhilaration and excitement to the trip to Corbett. There are several ways to cover up the park. Corbett offers Jeep Safari, Canter Safari, Horse Safari and Elephant Safari. A tourist can explore the opulence of wildlife with safaris that unfurls the exquisiteness of Jim Corbett National Park.


To enjoy a pleasant family trip to Corbett in the stroke of this summer, one should book a comfy accommodation in prior.


What are the best accommodation options in Corbett?

The park is a delight to the senses of wildlife buffs and is an apropos place for comfortable and well-appointed stay as well. This summer, while enjoying a family trip to Corbett, you must consider the below-mentioned top accommodation options here.

  • Corbett Leela Vilas: Regarded as one of the best hotels in Jim Corbett, Corbett Leela Vilas is located nearby the green mountains. The tourists observe the incomparable beauty of charismatic ambiances of the hotel. This luxurious accommodation option is indeed an insignia of luxury. The services delivered in the resort are superlative.
  • Ramganga Resort: Placed in the north suburbia of the park, Ramganga Resort proffers services like Jungle Safari, Travel Desk, Bonfire, numerous indoor and outdoor sports, and a varied array of cuisines like Mughlai, Indian and Continental.
  • Solluna Resort: Solluna Resort is set in the midst of the awe-inspiring valley of Merchula, close to the river Ramganga. This resort has an inimitable and delightful atmosphere that tenders the tourists a comforting stay. The resort delivers an engrossing stay to the adventure adherents with stirring activities such as river rafting and hiking.
  • Dhikala Forest Lodge: The forest department of Corbett does the supervision of the Dhikala Forest Lodge. For the nature aficionadas having a desire to stay in a close proximity to the natural elegance of Corbett, this lodge is an impeccable selection.
  • Pine Tree Resort: Pine Tree Resort is a flawless amalgamation of customary and contemporary type of architecture. Numerous huts and cottages set in the resort bids a feel of being in a village.

Choose stay options in Corbett National Park and relax yourself while enjoying the strokes of summer amidst the spellbinding wilderness along with your family!