Relaxation & Wildlife in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens

Relaxation & Wildlife in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain provides the perfect setting for any sort of relaxation you may require. Whether you are taking a break from an office nearby, or simply making a picnic with friends, this lovely area is a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of Sydney city.

As relaxing as it may be, the Royal Botanic Gardens houses a secret that would definitely excite and entice any tourist - an eclectic wildlife. It is home to owls, birds, lizards and possums to name a few, but that is not the real point of intrigue. For me and other visitors, it is the swarms of massive bats, known as flying foxes, that is the shocker.

According to the Royal Botanic Gardens website, these bats are generally found in Queensland, but they started roosting in the gardens of Sydney in 2006. Even though just fruit bats, their large body size along with a wingspan that reaches up to 3 feet makes them appear a bit on the ominous side. These giant bats cover all reaches of the trees in the area, and, even though they should be sleeping during the day, some are seen flying throughout the gardens in daylight.

The flying foxes alone are an excellent reason to make a stop at Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens.

Written and contributed by Brooke vs the world


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