Redwood Beach Resort - Finding Luxury Off the Beaten Track in Northern Nicaragua's Mechapa

Redwood Beach Resort - Finding Luxury Off the Beaten Track in Northern Nicaragua's Mechapa

Northern Nicaragua is still relatively untouched in terms of tourism, but it won't stay like this for long.

Rugged beauty awaits you around every corner in this part of Nicaragua, and Playa Mechapa is no exception.

Home to only two full-time expats, Mike and Stacey own an incredibly beautiful, secluded, and peaceful hotel called Redwood Beach Resort.


The pricetag is a bit more upscale for the well-appointed beachfront bungalows than the typical backpacker joints you normally find in the north, but Redwood is clean, safe, and idyllic in so many ways that I really believe it is worth it.

It is truly an area of Nicaragua that has yet to be discovered, which could not be more obvious when you stroll down the deserted beach.

Redwood (www) also has a great restaurant that serves all different types of fresh seafood, a wide variety of domestic and imported beer and other alcohol, and so many tours that you could keep busy for an entire week.


Close to Mechapa you can hike to the summit of the Volcano Cosiguina, go on a kayaking tour of the Estero Padre Ramos, feel the sea breeze blowing your hair as you ride down the beach on a dirtbike, visit the cliff band down the beach where you can also get a view of El Salvador, catch your own dinner on a fishing trip, or simply lounge on a beach bed under the shade of the spectacular coconut trees and take a much-deserved siesta after all that activity!

Mike and Stacey, originally from the USA, have been in Mechapa for six years and it is impossible not to feel their enthusiasm about the community while listening to them talk about how much they still love living, while making a living, in Nicaragua. 


Redwood Hot Tip:

Make sure you try the fresh oysters - they are huge, fresh, and to die for, especially when you add a splash of white Flor de Cana, one of Nicaragua's finest rums!