Reasons to Volunteer Abroad When You Are Young

Reasons to Volunteer Abroad When You Are Young

The largest percentages of international volunteers are young volunteers.

Their age range varies between 18 to 40 years. There are also older international volunteers but the number of younger ones is on the rise.

One misconception people have is that they are too young to go abroad and volunteers.

While at the same time there are volunteers who are as young as 14 years who leave home to go abroad. Travelling at a young age gives you the opportunity to do see more as opposed to you doing it later on in life. Older people regret not travelling more in the life. As a young adult take advantage of the opportunities you have and travel more.


Here are more reasons to travel when you are still young:


Most of the international volunteers are in, or have just finished either High school or university. After all the hard work you were doing while you were in school like reading, late night studies, finishing assignments, and getting ready for exams you need to reward yourself. Taking a break from school for a year or the summer is one of the best gifts they can give themselves. What better gift is there being in a far off country on a beach or working to help a community in a third world country? During this break they can go and see the world and enjoy their holidays more.



Younger adults have responsibilities but they don’t have things which are tying them down. Their main responsibilities lie with their school work and their grade point averages. They don’t have to pay for mortgages, feed little mouths or have a regular 9 -5 jobs. Travelling can be time consuming, and when they are working they won’t be able to enjoy their vacations because they are only given two weeks off. They are free to do whatever they want before they have any real responsibility. As a young traveler you should take advantage of your freedom and travel the world.



The experience they get while volunteering abroad has a huge impact on their lives. They will develop emotionally and mentally when they see how people live while they are abroad. They will work with people who are in desperate conditions and help them solve their problems. This will make the international volunteers to come up with new and innovative ways to solve the problems facing the locals. When the volunteers return home and they are faced with a challenge they will come with “out of the box thinking” and tackle the issue.


Career choices

Most young adults don’t know what they will do later on in life. They pass through high school and college without a clear definition and a goal on what they want to do and accomplish. When they volunteer abroad they find themselves and they find the appropriate career path that they want to follow. Volunteering abroad gives them the nudge to the right direction. Individuals who take a career break are known to come back more focused and more motivated. They add more value to the companies they work for. For those who have finished Universities and can’t get the job that they are looking for because of a depressed job market can take a career break. By the time they are back to resume their careers the job market would have improved and it will be easier for them to get a job.



The younger international volunteers are more flexible than the older ones. They are more comfortable with basic conditions and adjust easier than their older counter parts. The energy younger volunteers have, helps them to do more useful work to the organization. They take challenges with enthusiasm and try to find ways around their problems. When things are different to what they are used to they are open minded and find ways to accept the way things are.