Reasons to Visit Rome

Reasons to Visit Rome

All of us have dreamt of visiting Rome at least once in a life. This fantastic city has always attracted millions of tourists every year more than 4 million people visit Rome in a year.

Rome, the capital of Italy is a seductive land which is recognized as the Centre of European culture since the ancient times.

Our intention here is to make up your mind to have Rome on your bucket list by the end of this blog and book your flights to Rome immediately. Our travel experts are here with a handful of reasons why Rome should be your next destination.

Apart from the top locations, there are plenty of reasons why Rome deserves to be in your must go places when you plan your next holidays with your family or friends.

So here you go.


Reasons to Visit Rome

1. They are friendly

Italians are considered to be rude and non-supportive especially to the outsiders, which is not the case. In our opinion, they are very supportive, friendly and helpful, though you will find them a bit reluctant in daily occurrence at the same time they are the most welcoming hosts and will make you feel home.


2. It is the fashion hub

Italy is considered as a fashion capital, and Rome is the fashion hub. It is one of the preferred shopping destination for celebs. The entire world looks up to Italy for the latest trends, hence this makes it clear how trendy and fashionable Italians could be. If you are a fashion freak you cannot discard this country.


3. Relish flavorful Italian cuisines

Italian food is very famous in the world, you should find some time to taste the local cuisine, by the way, they are cheaper than you can imagine. Try bakery items where you can enjoy fresh pastries, croissants and many types of bread freshly baked and served.


4. Nightlife is amazing

Nightlife in Rome is surprisingly the most happening. Most people will be sitting along with friends outside the traditional cafeteria and sipping a cup of cappuccino. Here the nightlife also includes music parties where people dance their heart out. During the weekend’s youngsters gather in huge number and spend the night in the countryside. You can make friends with the locals and experience the nightlife by being part of the group.


5. Wander along the countryside

Rome gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the city on its own. Italy is full of rich cultural heritage and this clearly reflects in the architectural beauty of the country. You can simply wander along the countryside and be stunned with irreplaceable ancient monuments throughout the country. You might not want to forget your camera to capture the historic monuments and the beautiful towns.  Exploring the historic moments is an experience in itself so we will not fill our story with all that boring and dreary information. You need to visit Italy to explore and experience the history and culture.


6. Paradise for art lovers

Rome is home to art lovers and artists. It is a popular destination for people who appreciate and value art. Most of the popular architecture, paintings and sculptures we have grown up reading about are present in Rome. Here you will find masterpieces and works of famous artists Michelangelo, Maderno, Bernini, etc. The artworks of these and many famous artists have been displayed in various museums and galleries in Rome.


7. Taste the finest wine

Italy and wine go hand in hand. Various wine tasting events take place in Italy which allows people to taste the best of wine in town. The city has many wine shops that sell world famous wine. If you are wine lovers, you will find the best wine in Italy.


We would advise you to forget your high heels back home as you will spending most of your time visiting new places.  You will be visiting probably one of the most attractive countries in the world in all aspects so, plan your trip to Italy now.

Tip: book your accommodation in Rome in advance as hotels can full up quickly, particularly during high season! Read our Rome Accommodation Guide if you're looking for somewhere to stay while in Rome! We've also covered the top things to do in our Rome Activity Guide.