Reasons to Visit Bahrain

Reasons to Visit Bahrain

Are you on the lookout for a new holiday destination but are not sure where to go? Then you need to consider Bahrain. 

There are quite a lot of reasons to travel to Bahrain, but the most excellent one is the fact that this is the location of one of the world's most ancient civilisations which dates back to 3000 BC.

The Bahrain Travel Guide will help you in this. You can explore more with an  itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Bahrain is swarming with nationals. Almost 50% of the inhabitants are Bahraini, and hence you will be able to enjoy a proper feel for the region and take pleasure in a genuine experience of Bahrain. 

If warm temperatures are what you are on the lookout for, then Bahrain is certain to not dishearten. The mean lowest temperature does not fall below 10 degrees Celsius, and even during peak winter the mean temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. 


Here are Several Reasons Why You Should Consider Visiting Bahrain

Visit the Al Dar Islands

When touring Bahrain, definitely consider visiting the Al Dar Islands, which have plenty of fun activities to provide the water sport enthusiasts. You can reel in some fish otherwise fly around on a Ski-Do, swim and relax to unwind in seclusion. 


Bahrain’s Art

I was surprised to make out that Bahrain has award-winning pieces of art as well as many other gorgeous and beautiful pieces.

I simply stopped looking at them with wonder in my eyes as they were so beautiful.


Bahrain’s Night Life

Bahrain after it was linked to Saudi Arabia has become the Vegas of Saudi Arabia. The lively night life offered by Bahrain has no match.


Bahrain’s Natural Beauty

Not only history in addition to tradition made me visit Bahrain but also the natural beauty. This is evident in the structure of palm gardens, which has given Bahrain the pet name 'Land of a Million Palms.'

It has also received the status of a kind of Garden of Eden in the middle of unproductive and unwelcoming desert districts, assisted by the existence of a huge mesquite tree rising in the centre of the desert without any obvious supply of water, supposed by a few to be the unique Tree of Life.


The Pearling Trail

The Pearling Trail is also a spot which attracts a lot of Bahrain tourism. It is the second site that has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status. This site really took me by surprise and I could not help but praise it. Such beautiful craftsmanship can be found only rarely.  


Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum is yet another site that one must not miss when on a vacation. It is hovering on the rim of the sea as a dramatic architectural attraction, and took me on an enthralling journey through time. 


Bahrain’s Handicrafts

I also found the past lingering on in workshops, where hackneyed conventional handicrafts are even now practised - sword-making, weaving, boat-building, pottery, and a lot more.