Reasons to Travel the World

Reasons to Travel the World

Do you just get those days when all you want to do is leave all your work behind and just get on a plane and take that well needed R&R?

I do! A lot! I don't know if it's just me, but someone who can't even sit still being stuck in the city is just plain ridiculous! It is a curse!

Anyhow, that's the thing with traveling. You just can't stop! You gotta get moving and moving! But then, you're not living in dreamland, honey.

You (are forced to) stop for a lot of reasons: work sched, family, lack of holidays, health reasons, and the killer of them all, budget constraint! But then, who says these can even stop you from traveling around the globe?

Some of you may have forgotten how many times you've circled the globe. Lucky you! But then, there are some, who have yet to get ahead with it. So yeah, maybe you're planning to do the 'travel of your life' in a few years. Good for you!

And for others swimming in all those amazing travel plans but won't just dive in for all the reasons of the world, stop thinking and overanalyzing 'what-could-have-beens' and 'what-ifs' and level up your scaredy cat issues and just go for it!


So if you may, let me help you get some planning to do:


Because there is a big, big world out there waiting to be experienced. There are vast lands to be strolled, scapes to be admired, cultures to be basked in, peoples to be immersed with, adventures to be done, and strangers to befriend! Get out of your comfort zones and experience the world!



Your call. Fly on a plane, hop on a train, joyride on bus, rent a car, ride a ferry, take a spin on a Vespa, hitchhike with a stranger on a Kombi and re-live that hippie road trip experience, ride a jeepney, go for a tuktuk ride in Thailand, hire a horse or an elephant, or wander on board a habal-habal in the Philippines!



Whenever you're free and able. Ideally, fly on a summer, well, if you're after an easygoing and dry traveling. It can be more of a hassle traveling with umbrellas, poncho and thunderstorms. However, traveling on a winter would be ideal too for a change of scenery.



Well, this can really be tricky. You may either have your top destinations memorized by heart or you're the type who'd just go wherever as long as the plane tickets are on sale. Picking your destination is very important as this determines when best to go, what to do, what clothes to load, and how much money to bring. But whatever considerations everyone can think of, the most important question lies in you: Where do you want to go? Then there you go.



It all depends on you. You can go with a tour group like Contiki, your own travel buddies, with your family, a sib, a lover, with strangers, or go solo. Whoever and whatever fits your fancy.



This goes well with all the points above. For some people, the 'Why' may be but a waste of money. But whatever reason they got, traveling still got its advantages-- it teaches you a lot of things more than you'll ever learn in school, with a bonus of transforming you to a changed person as you go home. Such are the things money can't buy. The 'How' is a big factor too with regards to your budget. Riding a bus may cost you less but flying will save you time. I suggest jot down the pros and cons to help you decide which route to take.


The 'When' is but another tricky one. Easier said than done, but everything boils down to saving and making a realistic timeline when it comes to your finances.

The 'Where' is the broadest argument amongst all. Your destination dictates how much budget you should allot. Your destination, cost of living, activities, mode of transportation and exchange rate (currencies) are some things vital to coming up with your trip's over-all expected cost.


Written and contributed by Upper Viceo


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