Reasons Dubai Should Be on Your Travel Wish List

Reasons Dubai Should Be on Your Travel Wish List

Expanding from the desert over the past 20 years, Dubai has the mentality of a start-up.

Look beyond the massive malls and the luxury of the 5 star hotels and you will see a city that is more than what you think it to be. From the ever-changing food scenes and flourishing design and art ecosystem, there is always something new that takes place in this city.

The city sounds exotic and costly to many tourists, which is both true and false, depending on what you experience in Dubai. There are a lot of reasons why Dubai is a must visit place for every traveller who wants to make their trip a memorable one.


Reasons to Visit Dubai


You wouldn’t want to miss shopping in Dubai. One of the biggest shopping extravaganza's, Dubai Shopping Festival or the DSF, held annually in the city, from the month of January to February, has the record of attracting over 3 million people from around the world. Dubai Shopping Festival is known as a shopaholic’s drug, giving out huge discounts on almost all the major brands that many can only dream of having. DSF offers around 70% discounts in every store of the city, including the malls and local souks. People can attend events that take place in the city during this grand fest where celebrities from different fields join the city to entertain their fans.



Visit the city if you want a break from the cold temperatures in your own city. Known to have the sun shining in the city, throughout the year, this place proves to be a great choice for people who do not want to bear the cold. The climate is one of the essential reasons to visit Dubai.  The city stays warm and moderate and will prove to be a great break from the chilly weather. You can visit Al Mamzar, a public beach, to get some sun and to relax or if you are lucky enough you can steal a spot on some hotel sand.


The Islands

If you ever have a doubt about Dubai’s growing wealth, you should visit the offshore project, off the coast, where they have created man made islands in different shapes. The first island is known as Palm Jumeirah, shaped as a palm tree and is known as the world’s largest man-made island. The island has an army of luxurious 5 star hotels and many multimillion dollar mansions. The second island is popularly known as the ‘World’ and if you have got money, you can buy yourself a ‘Country’ on this island.


Stay at a 7 Star Hotel

Home to many luxurious and magnificent hotels in the world, Dubai is a city that screams wealth. Adding another feather to its cap is the iconic symbol of Dubai, the supposed 7 Star hotel, Burj Al Arab or the Burj Khalifa. The architectural beauty stands 2 722 feet tall, making it the tallest building in the word. The hotel stands on a private beach, 280 meters away from the Jumeirah beach, in all its glory and includes a private bridge to connect with the mainland. The hotel uses Rolls Royce for its guests and in case you happen to own a chopper, you will also find a private helipad on top of the building.


Witness the Biggest Fountain Display in the World

The Dubai Fountain is a magical sight to behold which attracts thousands of tourists every day. Built by the same people who created the infamous Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, the fountain is decorated by 25 coloured projectors and over 6 600 lights. The fountain is 1 000 feet long and shoots water in the air that goes up to 500 feet, accompanied by classical, Arabic and contemporary music. An intriguing, light, water and musical magic will hold you captive making it a delightful experience.


These reasons are enough to make you pack your bags and leave your city and head straight to Dubai to experience the beauty of the city.


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