The Real Bedouin Experience

The Real Bedouin Experience

Stay overnight in a Bedouin tent! No, not one of the tourist camps...

Go for the real deal, but don't expect any luxury. There won't be any electricity, warm beds, toilets or any other luxury.

Just you, your guide, your tent and a fire place!

You'll get an amazing meal! It will be simple, but just the way like the whole experience. I had some chicken, potatoes and tomatoes, which we've wrapped in some foil and laid it into the hot coal of the fire. It took some while until it was ready, but we had enough time anyway.

Prepare yourself to see an amazing sky!

The chances are really good that there won't be any clouds and you will see the whole beauty of our universe. OK... who knows how big the universe really is. You won't see all, but definitely a lot! Just in 5 minutes, I've seen 3 shooting stars. I wasn't even quick enough to find enough wishes in such a short time!

It might get cold, so you better be prepared for that. I wore a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a wool pullover, a jacket, socks, shoes and I also had a big blanket and two wool blankets. I couldn't move that night, but I also wasn't cold. :)

The morning is just as good as the evening. I'm sure you'll wake up early and the sun will show you the surrounding mountains in amazing colours.

You won't have a night with music and dancing like if you would stay in one of the camps... But did you go all the way to Wadi Rum for such an experience or to experience the desert?

Would you choose the basic adventurous way or would you still prefer the luxury of running water, toilets and electricity?