Quito Vivarium: An interesting side trip while in Quito

Quito Vivarium: An interesting side trip while in Quito

If you are in Quito and looking for something different to enjoy (especially if you have children)  why not make your way to the ‘Vivarium’, located on the west side (Ave. Amazonas) of the Carolina Park / Parque Carolina, just north of El Jardin Shopping Center (see map)


The Vivarium is run by Fundacion Herpetologica Gustavo Orces – a non-profit organization striving to protect endangered species.


Only around 10% of Ecuador´s 290 snakes are poisonous – many of these are endangered, most are shy and well camouflaged.  Tourists will have to be extremely lucky to see a snake in the wild, so a visit to the Vivarium is your best option.


At least 30 species of live snakes, frogs, toads, caimain, turtles etc. are displayed in glass housings. 


The main attraction is Ecuador’s deadliest snake – the Equis (Spanish for ‘X’) – a 5-meter long cobra.



OPEN HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday, from 09h30 to 17h30

WEBSITE: www.vivarium.org.ec (under construction at the time of this article)

ADDRESS: Amazonas 3008 y Rumipamba (Parque Carolina), Quito

TELEPHONE: (02) 227-1799

ENTRANCE FEES: USD $3 (adult), USD $2 (child) & USD $1.50 (seniors).



Written and contributed by Robin Slater



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