Quick Facts & Intro - Basel, Switzerland

Quick Facts & Intro - Basel, Switzerland

Quick Facts:

Location: Switzerland

Language: (Swiss) German

Currency: Swiss Franc

Short History: The earliest documented citation of Basilia, the city at the bend in the Rhine, dates from the year 374. Basel’s heraldic animal, the basilisk, is certainly of more recent origin. It is a mythical creature, part cockerel and part dragon, which appeared for the first time around the year 450. The Basilisk holding Basle’s coat of arms can be traced back in heraldry to a monument reminding of the fatal earthquake in 1356 that completely destroyed the city.

City Guide – Basel, Switzerland

Basel is a very picturesque city with old buildings, narrow streets and a lot of interesting history. It is known as an European culture center with over 40 museums, 25 theaters, operas and ballet and countless art galleries.

If you’re interested in that kind of thing you could easily spend a few days here going from museum to gallery to museum. If this kind of thing doesn’t interest you, there are still quite a few things to see on your trip to Basel.

You can also find many outside art sculptures spread out all over the city, and it’s nice to just walk around the city stumbling upon them.

Basel in general is a really nice city to walk around in, especially in the old town.

It is one of those cities that are nice to look at from afar. The  best way to do this is to walk over the bridge to the other side (new town), where you can walk along the river, have an ice cream and take some awesome pictures. Then you can take the little ferry back to the old part of town again.


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