Pros and Cons of Remote Working from a Motor Home with Your Spouse

Pros and Cons of Remote Working from a Motor Home with Your Spouse

According to Highfive, a B2B technology company, the United States has seen nearly 80 percent increase in remote workers between 2005 and 2012, out of which 53 percent reported being less stressed in life and 51 percent spent more time with their partners.

So if you and your spouse are remote workers, why not do it while traveling? Just imagine how enjoyable and exciting life will turn out to be! Consider buying one of the used Class A motor homes in case you don’t want to invest in a brand-new one, install a reliable Wi-Fi system, and head out on a journey to explore the world.


What can you expect when living in a home-on-wheels? Here’s what:

Excellent Camaraderie:

Most couples in the US work at separate offices. However, it becomes easier for a partner to comprehend what the other is going though when both of them are working together remotely. And trust me, no colleague will understand your problems or revel in your achievements the way your spouse would.


Stress-busting Breaks:

One of the greatest things about RV travel is the exotic and breathtaking locations you will be able to camp in. This means that your work breaks will no longer involve puffing on a cigarette while chatting away with colleagues. Whenever you are too tired of sitting in front of your laptop, just open the doors and a serene forest, a sunny beach or a picturesque mountainside will be there to welcome you. Head out for a quick stroll with your spouse, and you are sure to come back refreshed and rejuvenated.


Better Understanding:

Spending most of the time together and taking turns in doing the daily chores  will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Staying so close to nature and embarking on mini adventures such as hiking will give you enough time to know your spouse a little more. Such a thing would have gone amiss if you two have been a part of regular jobs, engrossed in the traditional humdrums of a city life.


On the flipside, traveling together might tend to be a tad challenging. But you can easily overcome these issues:


Lack of Surprise:

In a regular 9 to 5 job, you have to spend eight hours away from your spouse (minus the commuting time). This gives you enough time to buy a flower bouquet to surprise your spouse, or be surprised on finding your favorite meal on the dining table when you get back home. When you are spending the whole time together, it gradually takes away this element of surprise. However, that doesn’t mean romance has to die an untimely death. You can always keep the spark alive by cooking up your partner’s favorite dish, buying flowers from a local shop, or planning dinner under the sky in a starry night.


Work-leisure Balance:

It might be a problem if both of you prefer to work at different hours. You can easily tackle this by giving yourself a daily deadline to complete the work. If that’s not possible, you can divide the chores and complete it when your spouse is working on the laptop. This will ensure you have more free time together.


Staying and working together has its unique share of fun and of course a few bumps that you can easily tackle. So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with a reputed local RV dealer with an impressive collection of used Class A motor homes, pack the laptops and Wi-Fi systems, and hit the accelerator to enjoy an unconventional romantic life with your better half.