Prague is amazing! Where to get tickets & more useful information.

Prague is amazing! Where to get tickets & more useful information.



Prague is packed with history and charisma.


The sights are well kept and certainly arent a let down. The prices are still cheap and accomodation is very good. The food is cheap as hell and extremely good quality.... The castle offers great views of the city while Charles Bridge always seems to have performers and exhibitions on to keep you entertained. This city is a sheer delight and is a must for anyone serious about travelling Europe...


General Info:

Area: 496 sqkm

Population: 1,173,000
Geographical situation: north latitude 50° 05', east longitude 14° 27', height above sea level 235 m (average)
Time: Central European (GMT+1), summer time - Central European +1 (GMT+2)
Climate: average temperature 9,0°C
summer season - July 19,0°C
winter season - January -0,9°C


The Vltava river flows through the city in the length of 30 km, its maximum width being 330 m
Parts of the historical centre: Hradcany, Mala Strana (Lesser Town), Stare Mesto (Old Town) including Josefov, Nove Mesto (New Town) and Vysehrad
Administrative division: 22 administrative areas
Voltage: 230 V



Legal tenders - Crown (Kc)* = 100 Hellers

hellers: 50
Kc: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50

Kc 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000

*Kc = Koruna ceska = Czech crown

Losses of credit cards are to be announced at the following telephone numbers:
272 771 111 - Master Card/Eurocard, Visa
267 197 450 - Diners Club
222 800 222 - American Express

Emergency call 112
Ambulance service phone 155
Police phone 158
Fire emergency phone 150
Municipal police phone 156
Emergency road service phone 1230, 1240
General information phone 12 444
Directory inquiries (Prague and the whole Czech Republic) phone 1180
Directory inquiries (international) - both telephone and fax numbers, call services and prices phone 1181


Where to buy tickets

Ticketpro in Prague Information Service
- Old Town Hall, Staromestske nam. 1, Praha 1
- Lesser Town Bridge Tower, Praha 1 (during summer season)

reservations by mail - 110 00 Praha 1, Klimentska 22, fax 234 704 204, e-mail:

In 2007 the entrance fees to the Prague historical places of interest, museums and galleries are usually between 50 to 120 CZK, some of the private museums are more expensive. The admission fee charged at some of the largest and most significant historical sites such as the Prague Castle (350 CZK) and the Jewish Museum (290 CZK) appears to be rather high.

However the ticket is valid for visits to several places and it makes it very cheap. All the fees can be reduced because of the system discounts etc. Some of the places allow free admission on one of the days in a month.

In Prague center are a lot of Information centers/offices to get useful info, flyers, tickets...

Praha 1, Betlémské nám.
Praha 1, Mostecká
Praha 1, Na pøíkopì
Praha 1, Staromìstské nám.

At the castle is one aswell.



First of all I would like to say that Prague is SAFE place. Only thing is that a lot of people are trying to make money by cheating.

Taxi drivers - Never take TAXI standing at main turistic places! Trainstations, Old Town Sq.
...they are waiting for you to charge you more. Ask for price first. Use some companies like AAA tel: 14014, City taxi tel: 257257257
Approx prices...from Airport...cca 600czk to city centre
from Main Train St (Hlavni Nadrazi)...cca 200czk...its really close to city center
from Holesovice train station...cca 350czk to city centre
All mentioned prices are approx all depends on traffic and where you go in the center but differences from mentioned prices would be 10th of Crowns, NOT hundreds!

Money exchange - never change money in the street, youll get fake or different country money with no value! Use banks or exchange offices and ask for final value you get! Again avoid offices at the trainstations, airport...

Pickpockets - Just watch your pockets, mainly in crowdy places, trams, not hang your cameras, jackets over chair in outside restaurants.
Written and contributed by Prague Central Hostels