Popular Watersports in Dominican Republic

Popular Watersports in Dominican Republic

Either tourists or locals, nobody can say no to the watersports of Dominica.

Although the Dominica is known for many other things like lifestyle, food, location and natural sceneries but it doesn’t set back when it comes to the watersports.

Let’s check out some really popular watersports in Dominica and their benefits.


Popular Watersports in Dominican Republic

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Dominica is something that people simply can't resist. It's not the tourists that it inspires but also the locals are very fascinated with this. In fact, you must consider renting a jet-ski the next time you hang out at the beach with your friends and family. For sure, this high speed watercraft would simply be fun way to spend a sunny day.

There are many health benefits to it as well:

  • Jet-skiing improves the cardiovascular system regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced level jet skier. This particular watersport gives your cardiovascular system a good workout on the water.
  • It helps in toning your abs because the jet skiing is all about keeping yourself steady on the slippery slope. In order to balance, you happen to naturally engage the core stability muscles.
  • If you have always been concerned about burning some calories, Jet Skiing can be of great help in that case. In fact, it can burn 238 calories within 30 min of an average 150-pound person.



If you are a tourist in Dominica, you must try going for this particular watersport. Snorkeling is actually an amazing way to experience the beauty underwater without even having to leave the surface. As per the locals having Dominica passport, the underwater view at this place is simply spectacular. In fact, you have a chance to get closer to the nature when you visit the underwater world of Dominica.

There are few benefits of Snorkeling as well:

  • It helps improve breathing because the snorkeling increases the maximal oxygen uptake of a person. Since you are breathing through a tube, it would involve some resistant and even require more exertion as compared to free breathing. This makes it a great breathing exercise for the snorkelers.
  • It puts a great positive impact upon your overall health because it tones and trims your entire body. Astoundingly. It works out your calves, core, shoulders, hip flexors, hamstrings and quads. Snorkeling also burns out 300 calories in an hour that a big plus for sure.
  • Snorkeling helps in relieving stress and anxiety as per the experts. It's because the controlled mouth breathing that snorkelers perform is similar to the meditative breathing techniques that calm and relax the body.

Wrapping up, if you are a tourist planning a visit to Dominica, it’s good to know that the watersports here are simply amazing. So whenever you pay a visit to Dominica, make sure to give yourself some good time with watersports in Dominica.