Popular Tours in Alanya

Popular Tours in Alanya

People who want to spend their holiday in Alanya, one of the most beautiful places of Turkey, typically want to spend their holiday going on as many tours as possible.

However, after making many unsuccessful choices in this regard, unfortunately many have spent their holiday more dissatisfied than satisfied.

What you need to do at this stage is quite simple. People who want to spend their time in Alanya having as much fun as possible need to choose some of the most popular Alanya tours and fill their holiday with unforgettable memories.


Here are Some of Our Favorite Alanya Tours

Alanya Manavgat Boat Tour

The Alanya Manavgat boat tour, which is one of the blue tours, is done in special wooden 40-person-capacity boats.

During this one-hour tour, people can spend time in the sun on the upper deck or in the shade on the lower deck.

People who go on the tour will spend time on the sea while at the same time watching turtles in the sea.

Anyone who gets hungry during the tour will be able to taste the delicious barbecue that will be prepared for them.


Alanya M.A.S. Culture Excursion

The Antalya M.A.S. culture excursion is one of the tours that has gotten the most attention recently, taking its participants to many places that are popular in the region.

Tourists, who will visit such places as the Aspendos Amphitheater, Apollo Temple, and the Antique Town of Side, will also be able to visit other nearby places of their choice during the breaks given on the tour.


Alanya ATV Motor Safari Tour

The Alanya ATV motor safari tour, which is one of the most popular recent tours especially among young people, is held in the morning and evening for two hours.

This tour, which takes place among the breathtaking scenery of the city, will give its participants the opportunity to go into the enchanting pine-scented woods while at the same time having the opportunity to swim during the breaks given throughout the tour.

Anyone who has never ridden an ATV before this tour will be able to go on this tour without any issues after a short training session.

This tour, which happens during the best season of the year, will allow its participants to experience the most enjoyable and exciting holiday after having come to Alanya.