Popular Tourist Spots to Explore In the Solomon Islands

Popular Tourist Spots to Explore In the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is an archipelago famous for its divine beauty and sun-kissed beaches.

The travelers to this place can even today find out the remains of the World War II and witness the unique culture and traditions followed by the local people here.

With golden palm fringed and blue sea water beaches, the Solomon Islands holds both cultural and natural beauty. It allows the tourists to come across the stunning coral reefs and underwater sea life. The place is blessed with many splendid spots that allure the tourists from around the world.  

Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, this archipelago lies to the east of Papua New Guinea and comprises of nearly 1000 islands. It covers a land of around 28,400 square kilometers. Honiara is a capital of the Solomon Islands.

Lots of tourists every year visit the Solomon and prefer staying in Honiara as it is one of the most beautiful place that is popular for its unspoiled natural beauty. If you are planning your next trip to this place and want to enjoy a luxury Solomon Islands accommodation with world-class facilities, then King Solomon Hotel in Honiara (www) has all what you need. The hotel has gained huge appreciation for its excellent hospitality and location.


Given below is the list of few popular tourist spots to explore during a trip to this breathtaking island:

Mataniko and Tenaru Falls in Honiara

Mataniko and Tenaru Falls in Honiara offer the best views of the abundant natural beauty. You need to take a walk to reach these falls and enjoy the pleasure of swimming in a natural pool. While walking to these falls, you can capture various captivating scenery in your camera.


Lake Te'Nggano

Te'Nggano is South Pacific’s largest freshwater lake and occupies a large portion of the Rennell Island. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the Solomon Islands and has been declared as a world heritage site. The lake is surrounded by the old reefs. It comprises of coral islets and swamps on the western side and thrilling Octopus Cave on the northern side. You can see boobies, the Rennell white spoonbill, cormorants and a wide variety of other wildlife animals.


Riba Cave

The breathtaking Riba Cave can be reached by covering the distance of an hour to the east of Auki. You will need to walk on a slippery path inside the haunting cave and therefore, it is suggested to carry a flashlight and wear a pair of sturdy shoes. Further, you will be welcomed by an underground river, stalagmites and numerous subterranean chambers.


Bird Island

If you are a keen bird watcher or wildlife lover, then the bird island is a must visit place for you where you can spot a wide variety of colorful birds in their natural habitat. You can also see hundreds of frigates, cormorants and boobies.


Kwaibala Waterfall

Revitalize yourself by taking a bathe in the cool water of the Kwaibala Waterfall, about 3 km from Auki. You can find some small pools to take a dip and have an ultimate experience of swimming and relax yourself from the daily hassles.


Aola Bay

Aola Bay is one of the main ports and a gateway to the Solomon Islands. It is a popular destination that can be explored before venturing to the other regions and cities.


Central Market

Stretch over a block between the seafront and Mendana Ave, the central market or the food market of Honiara grab the tourist’s attention. While crossing through the market, you can smell the fragrance of local vegetables and fruits. Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can also purchase souvenir shells, Malaitan shell money and jewelry.


National Museum and Culture Center

Situated at Honiara’s town center, the National Museum and Culture Center is an interesting tourist spot that focuses on the culture and traditions of the islands and attracts the tourists. You can explore the special sections displaying the ornaments, currency dancing and traditional weapons that were used by the local people during the war.


National Parliament

The National Parliament is a conical-shaped concrete structure located at the top of the hill above Hibiscus Ave. You can enjoy watching the court proceedings from the public gallery. You can witness a great wall-hanging of traditional art on the interior of the dome that also comprises of arching frescoes. Opened in 1993, the building of the National Parliament was funded by the United States of America (USA).


In addition to exploring these above mentioned amazing tourist places in the Solomon, you can also take pleasure of scuba diving at the various beaches of this fascinating archipelago.

So, have a unique holidaying experience by planning a tour to the Solomon Islands.


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