Popular Spring Break Destinations for College Students

Popular Spring Break Destinations for College Students

One of the benefits of being a college student, besides getting a quality education, is Spring Break.

Getting to spend a week without textbooks or lecture halls is something nearly every college student looks forward to. Whether you are looking to party hard or enjoy seeing a new destination, there’s always some place for everyone.


Popular Spring Break Destinations for College Students

You’re bound to find the perfect Spring Break destination in this list:

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a music lover’s dream destination with music venues seemingly on every corner. During Spring Break, you can find plenty of music attractions, especially along Broadway. The weather can be a little unpredictable in Nashville around this time of year, so it will keep accommodation prices affordable. This makes it the perfect destination for a college student. Grab some buddies and enjoy the music!


New Orleans, Louisiana

While staying in the French Quarter during Spring Break can be a little pricey, you can always visit while staying elsewhere so it is a little cheaper for you. The nightlife during this time of year is perfect, which is just what most college students are looking for. You can’t beat the Southern cooking and especially that famous Southern hospitality. The weather is usually temperate around this time of year so if you are looking to head somewhere warmer, especially if you are used to the frigid cold of northern climates, then head south to New Orleans.


Las Vegas, Nevada

If you don’t want to warm up in the South, why not head to the desert. Las Vegas is party central known as Sin City. While there is still plenty to do if you aren’t of age to drink and gamble, this place still has the nightlife scene that college students crave - check out the famous Las Vegas pool parties. You can also spend some time hiking or even sightseeing during the day to take in all the beauty of the surrounding desert or big city. There’s always plenty of deals for accommodations, attractions, and travel in Las Vegas so plan early so that you can get the best of deals.


South Beach, Miami, Florida

Of course, the most popular Spring Break destinations are the beaches. One of the most famous beach destinations for Spring Break is South Beach in Miami, Florida. The place comes alive once the sun goes down and the beaches are full of fun entertainment 24/7. It’s important to know what to pack, especially when it comes to clothing, when headed to the beach. You’ll want to be specific in your outfit choices and choose clothing that is comfortable and expresses your personality.

Be sure to pack shorts, flip flops, a beach bag, and plenty of fun shirts as well. You can’t forget the tank tops either. That is key to staying cool as you don’t want to wear too many layers while out in the sun. Don’t just settle for any tank, though. Choose one that shows off who you are! 


It’s important to plan well in advance no matter where you plan on going. Whether it’s the beach scene, the music scene, or somewhere off the beaten path, make sure to bring friends and take lots pictures. The most important thing is to enjoy your time and take advantage of the time given to you to take a break, clear your head, and step away from your rigorous school life.