A Pop Up Grill in One of Jerusalem's Finest Hotels

A Pop Up Grill in One of Jerusalem's Finest Hotels

The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel in Israel, an award-winning, deluxe hotel situated in the heart of the city, is the first property in Jerusalem to introduce pop-up restaurants.

What happens when you open a pop-up restaurant in the courtyard of one of Jerusalem's nicest hotels?  

In short, gourmet grill mixed with iconic ambiance. 


The Inbal Jerusalem

Overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City and Liberty Bell Park, the Inbal Jerusalem is one of the city's luxury hotel properties, while still being within walking distance of many of the city’s main cultural attractions and venues.  The setting of the restaurant in the enclosed courtyard of the hotel is idyllic, and it was surprisingly mild even though it was a particularly cold evening.

The summer luxury pop-up concept – the Inbal Grill Restaurant – offers a new fresh Brazillian style grill with five-star chefs. Each Thursday, only during the summer months (through October), the Grill opens for an exclusive group of diners looking for a unique way to enjoy their evening.

The pop-up concept isn't foreign to the Inbal Hotel, they've already introduced the idea during their Soup Festival, which takes place during the winter months.  


Meat It's What's for Dinner

In true Brazilian grill style, guests  enjoy an all-you-can-eat experience of fine meat and an interactive tableside service as the Inbal chefs expertly grill each piece of meat to a guest’s liking, sharing their culinary insights in the process. Accompanied by live music, the Jerusalem stone courtyard provides visitors with the most luxurious and authentic outdoor dining experience in Jerusalem.

If you’re a meat lover, you’re going to love this summer treat! The restaurant is based on the Brazilian style grill, there is no real menu to choose from –  the waiters will serve you their best selection of meats.  

While the main attraction is the meat, the appetizers are tasty salads and fresh focaccia. Diners shouldn't fill up on the salads or the delicious cajun potato wedges, spiced perfectly. 


The Menu

The chef explains that the restaurant deliberately starts with lighter meats and works their way up to the heavier ones. Both the chicken breast and the spring chicken were succulent and flavorful, and we enjoyed adding a touch of the chef’s salsa. The lamb kebab was juicy and pretty much as expected. But the more experienced eaters enjoyed the very tasty entrecote, and then the very juicy asado (short ribs).

All in all this pop-up style restaurant at this level of hotel, adds significant acclaim to the already sophisticated and world reknown Jerusalem culinary scene. 

Visitors and tourists in Jerusalem during the cool summer months will enjoy this unique grill menu.  After a long day exploring Jerusalem, an all-you-can-eat grill is definitely a way to cap an ideal day touring the city. An array of meats combined with a picturesque setting can only complement a full day of touring Jerusalem. 


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