Plomari: An Authentic and Unspoiled Greek Experience

Plomari: An Authentic and Unspoiled Greek Experience

Plomari is a small fishermans village situated on the south coast of Lesvos. Many people will only connect Plomari as being the home of Ouzo, but it has so much more to offer.

Plomari has around 5000 inhabitants and most of them earn their livings through farming, fishing and food production. The tourism industry is not a significant income source and that’s one of the reasons the village to me stands out as an authentic and real travel experience where it is easy to get in touch with the locals and learning about their everyday life and traditions. 


Meet the locals

The city center has a slow living, super cozy vibe to it. Nobody is rushing. The afternoon coffee is being enjoyed under the shade of the massive trees in the town square by the harbor or in one of the more hidden squares in between the buildings. One of the really cozy main squares even has a tree that is over 200 years old, still casting well needed shadows in between the buildings on a hot summer day. 


Explore the city centre

Plomari is perfect for a stroll in between the brick and stone houses as the village stretches from the seaside and continues up a steep hill. The winding and narrow streets takes you past small local shops, local people enjoying a moment outside their house and kids playing in the streets. Feel free to go inside some of the small workshops for craftsmen where you can observe the art of making saddles and harness for horses by hand and other traditional handcraft still being performed here. 


Take in the stunning view

To get a really good look at the village from a distance, go to one of the stone molos that protects the inner harbor of Plomari. From here you have a fantastic view to the picturesque village so don’t forget your camera and to take lots of pictures. It is not only the village that is a good photo motive but also all the colorful boats, fishermen repairing their gear and cleaning their boats and lots of super cute cats! 


Taste Plomari

In and around Plomari there is a lot of food producers following the old style of farming and producing quality food with a sustainable approach. Don’t miss to taste the local fruits and vegetables, olive oil and cheese and make sure to enjoy the great selection of fresh seafood served in the tavernas. For a nice fresh lunch or evening meal most of the locals go to a collection of tavernas along the harbor or in the squares. The fresh seafood from the fisherman’s nightly trips out on the sea is prepared together with local cheese, meat and vegetables and stands for the most delicious taste of Plomari. To go really local, have your meal accompanied by a glass of Ouzo the Greek way, mixing ouzo 50/50 with water and adding a couple of ice cubes. It’s the perfect drink to a Plomari meze meal!


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