Planning a Trip to England

Planning a Trip to England

England is one of the most traveled and desirable tourist destinations in the world.

The allure of visiting the United Kingdom comes from the many ancient and historic attractions that are available in the country, from the Thames River to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. These places provide a magical feel and beckon travelers from far and wide to visit.


Tips for Travel Planning to England

Planning for the England Trip

With so many things to do in England the only thing lacking for most visitors is time and money. Thus for most, planning is key so as to fully enjoy what England has to offer.
Travelers start their plans weeks, months or years in advance so as to get the best out of their visit. Savings are made so as to afford the best possible visit to places of interest and tourist attractions and no expense is spared to enjoy such luxuries and food for the eyes.  

Accommodation in England

The main areas of saving come with cheap flights to and from England or London, thereafter the traveler tries to find their way around the country delving into all the beauty and wonder there is to see. Accommodation is also sought after in cheap hotels, bed and breakfasts, lodges and backpackers abodes. While this may come at its own costs the traveler is content with what is affordable and the luxuries or extra perks that come with the affordability.  



In the destination city or area most travelers use tour buses to visit the most popular tourist attractions and enjoy the comfort and convenience of being picked up and dropped off in places that are relevant to the tourist attraction. Many a service are available for such bus tours and they prove to be cost effective for strict budget holiday makers. The purchase of souvenirs can be done in curio shops marked along the many common tourist areas.  


Traveling to the Airport

You are ready to pack up and go home; the questions that normally follow are: do I have my return ticket, passport? Is everything packed in my suitcase? A quick question is how do you get to the airport? Shall you take a bus? Will the hotel offer a shuttle to the airport at any time? 


Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

One of the most amazing features of visiting London is the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. The spectacular parade of precision matching and music leaves most visitors breathless at what looks like little to no effort on the part of the guards. While the view is spectacular it is also free and can thus be enjoyed by any travelers. For those interested in knowing the whereabouts of the Queen, if the Royal Standard flag is flying on the flagpole at the top of the building then the Queen is home if not she is elsewhere.

So it is good to assume that all will go well on your holiday vacation to England and you can enjoy the beauties you only watched in movies and on the Discovery Channel.