Planning a Trip to Amazing Indonesia

Planning a Trip to Amazing Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country with cool white sands, the volcanoes of Bali, the capital city of Jakarta and the untouched lands of Sumatra.

It has over 13,000 islands. It has a large variety of indigenous animals including the Komodo dragon. Here, accommodation is available at reasonable rates and the local food is very inexpensive.

Thus, it's not surprising that Indonesia has become a popular tourist destination.


Top Things to See and Do


Perhaps Bali is the most popular island of Indonesia. Despite the fact that it generally remains crowded with travelers, it still is a beautiful place to visit. People love to try surfing at the Bingin Beach or visit Pura Besakih. Bali is more expensive compared to the remaining parts of Indonesia. Do not forget to see the traditional Balanese dancing at Ubud. You will love it.



This capital city of Indonesia has a population of more than 10 million. People take the opportunity to watch from cafes that are overlooking Fatahillah Square in Old Batavia. The eateries and nightlife in Jakarta are too good to spoil you. Travelers prefer to use Make My Trip to get good discounts for their travel and hotel stay.


Dive in the Gili Islands

Gili Islands provides you with a sense of island paradise. You will not see any cars on the island and horse and cart and bike travel are the only ways of seeing Gili. The island offers high class facilities for scuba or snorkeling and nightlife at Gili Trawangan Island.


Enjoy Sunrise at National Park

Mount Bromo and the national park are popular tourist attractions. Tourists love to take photographs of the Bromo volcano that is surrounded by a sea of sand. If your visit happens to be in mid-August, you will enjoy the monthly ritual of Upakara Kasodo in which Tenggerese also participate. You must get up early to enjoy the sigh thoroughly.


Visit Buddhist Temples

This very big Buddhist temple dates from the 9th century and is older than Angkor wat of Cambodia. UNESCO has offered it World Heritage status. When you reach the top, reliefs highlighting Buddhist teachings can be seen. It is a common belief that unless you have found out the meaning of the relief, you cannot reach the top.


Snorkel or Dive in Bunaken

For those who are fond of diving or snorkeling, Bunaken National Marine Park is the place for you. These deep waters provide excellent visibility and some most biodiverse marine life in the world. You will be able to observe sharks, sea snakes, sharks, rays tuna and turtles.


Broaden the taste buds

With Indonesia comprising of such large number of islands, you get the opportunity to try so many different varieties of cuisine. Do not miss Padang, Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese food as they have absolutely different preparations.


Shop at Denpasar

Besides being the capital of Bali it is also the central point of financial growth and development for the last two decades. It is thickly populated and has many attractive shops, art centers and the Negeri Propinsi Bali Museum.

But do remember that it is not so easy to fly to Indonesia. Book well in advance to get good rates.