Plan Uruguay and to Chill at Punta del Diablo!

Plan Uruguay and to Chill at Punta del Diablo!

If you have been on the road for a while and need a few days to chill, Punta del Diablo could be your place.

It's a small fishing village with a surf beach that is off the beaten track.

It's cheap and chilled out... to the point where the chef is so busy chatting to you that he forgets to cook your meal.

In the summer it grows from a few hundred people to several thousand. Punta del Diablo has a bohemian feel, you'll see more white people with dreadlocks per capita here than anywhere else in south america. One person described it as something you'd expect to find in a 1970's lonely planet book.

The town is centered around a small square with a few shops, a school, and a beach with fishing boats.

We stayed at El Diable Traquilo Hostel.

Absolute beachfront.



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