Pietermaritzburg's Rural Friendliness and Hospitality in KwaZulu Natal

Pietermaritzburg's Rural Friendliness and Hospitality in KwaZulu Natal

Pietermaritzburg is really a continually changing city which has in recent times encountered accelerated development whilst it has long been a focus for several attractions and recreation.


It is the host urban centre for global activities such as the Comrades and Dusi Marathaons that are considered amongst the top running events across the world.


The Midmar Mile swimming event serves up the greatest open water field of its kind around the globe. The dam at which it occurs at the same time provides ample different interests all year round. Holiday accomodations at Midmar are presented at picturesque coastline camping sites, cottages or a bush camp.


The Midlands is a really successful area in KwaZulu Natal.



Here in this warm and welcoming area has its simple beginnings in 1985, when a little group of crafters joined together to create an art and craft route that holds the biggest culture attraction on Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands called the Midlands Meander. It has developed into a captivating network of 134 members, many of local extraction, plus some who have turned their backs on the town to make their living in this stunning environment.

The Midlands Meander, that provides great diversity, excellent value and terrific service at hundreds of farms, hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts and spas, dispersed along a well-marked corridor. In existence for over 20 years, this craft and leisure self-drive route has long been one of South Africa's most successful bringing in regular return people to its unique and special atmosphere.



Cheese farms with quaint goat's towers, a mini-beer brewery, award-winning pottery studios, butterfly study projects, brilliantly coloured herbal centres and leatherworks all supply high quality products manufactured with an individual touch.

Hot air ballooning provides the exhilaration alternative of experiencing the places of the Midlands from a different viewpoint. Howick is a relaxing old town close to Pietermaritzburg that features the amazing 97m high Howick Falls. Nearby is a monument which marks the spot at which Nelson Mandela was arrested before his incarceration on Robben Island.

This is simply an example of what's available as the Pietermarizburg Midlands in KwaZulu Natal offers a galaxy of sights as different and abundant as the countless stars in its gloriously clear night skies which makes it the appropriately billed "Capital of the Zulu Kingdom". 


Written and contributed by Ratherton