The Phare Circus: If You've Only Got a Night in Siem Reap

The Phare Circus: If You've Only Got a Night in Siem Reap

My partner and I moved to Siem Reap last fall to teach at a local school for a year.

Life here has been easy with all the city has to offer... tourism to the Angkor temples has brought in nearly every type of food and luxury we could want for, and the famous Pub Street area offers plenty of social opportunity when we're not too tired from work.

But, sometimes we're amazed at the lack of other things to do in town besides temple going.

Enter Phare, the Cambodian Circus.

We're not talking lions and flaming hoops here (though there may be some fire spinning arts!). This town that most come to for temples has its very own modern circus theatre performance!

The performances are heavily acrobatic and tell stories intertwined with local Khmer culture and history.


We walk away happy every time we see it - its like we get to see Cirque du Soleil in training for a fraction of the cost - and the we're up close in a small venue where we can feel the performers feet hit the floor after they land a stunt!

The artists are all from disadvantaged Cambodian families and hail from the arts school that trains them in Battambang, a town a few hours west. 

We love it!

We go to every new show they present, or when we have friends passing through - and we have been happy to see the performances growing in popularity among visitors.

The show is every night at 7:30pm. $15 USD, or front rows for $35. You can get a meal at their cafe if you book ahead of time too which is what we do when we've got the time.

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