The Perfect Scottish Experience - Where My Peace of Mind Lives

The Perfect Scottish Experience - Where My Peace of Mind Lives

I was recently in this amazing lovely and passionate country, Scotland.

I have never thought of it like that before -- I just didn`t know what I was missing.

And after being there, now a part of me is missing it. This is why I will have to return for any reason as many times as I can!


As a first time scottish experience, the place might be very big and overwhelming to see. Without even renting a car, you can see so many unimaginable corners if you take a tour around. I am not a tour kind of person, however, some places require this option, due to distances, climate, and knowledge.

And Scotland is definitely a place that must be shown to you by a local passionate storyteller by nature! There is no other way to feel the magic the first time in my opinion. 

So, after doing lots of research, I found an amazing tour operator with low prices, very friendly reviews, young people and lots of places to visit that were not the usual for sure! Let me introduce you to Macbackpackers. THE Scottish tour guys that made my experience so incredible.  


The Scottish Tour Specialists

They offer many options  according to your time and budget. With a good webpage with plenty of accurate info, it turns into a very easy decision to make. Whether you want a day tour to the usual spots or an extended trip up into the higlands, Isle of Skye or any other. You will definitely be pleasantly surprised. 

Over comfy buses and a guide/driver/storyteller all-in-one, you will have a great time and learn more about the country than you would imagine.


Scottish Attributes

First of all: I know while traveling it is all very beautiful, nice and charming but what I am about to say goes beyond that understanding.

I was delighted along every single view: the castles, the water in every presentation possible, the mountains, the cities and towns. People are incredibly kind, more than any other place I`ve been to. The passion for their own place is quite amazing and hard to explain, but they have this quiet and polite pride -- something they carrry very deep inside, not needing to spread it loudly or aggressively to every person they run into. They just keep living, proud of everything, really proud, enjoying it for themselves. And when there is a chance to share it politely, they do. It is simply amazing!

The music, and of course bagpipes, the food: shortbread, tea, blacb bun, and haggis! The greatest stories you will ever listen to are around here, the fairy land is all magic! If you`ve been there, you`ll know what I am talking about. If you haven`t been yet, start packing and get on that next airplane!

I found out that in Scotland lives my peace of mind.

This country really touched me, and big part of this was because the way I could see it, feel it, smell it, taste it. This is why I believe it is quite important the way you choose to visit a place. And in this particular case, Scotland not only needs but deserves to be shown by real Scotsmen. There is no way you can get all of that on your own.

So MacBackPackers are the ones! 

BIG CHEERS to a real Scottish Experience!


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