The perfect eco-lodge in Nepal

The perfect eco-lodge in Nepal

While traveling in India and Nepal, I was delighted to find a place to stay that was clean, friendly and also eco-conscious.


The Sapana Village Lodge is located in the outer zone of the Chitwan National Park and owner, Dhurba Giri, and his staff always ensure you have a good time and are taken care of.


The rooms are basic but comfortable. The room décor has all been sourced from local providers and you can even buy replicas to take home in the small gift shop. There is a restaurant on-site which provides both meals and snacks. Be sure to try some of their unique dishes, many of which comes from the vegetable garden they have right on the property.


Activity-wise, it is impossible to get bored here. Between relaxing on the terrace along the river to fun activities like riding elephant through the local village and park or taking one of the bikes on a spin through the town, you will get to see a very fun and friendly side of Nepal which, luckily, has not been overtaken by commercial enterprises.


I definitely recommend stopping here for a few days during your time in Nepal to learn more about the Nepalese people and to also support a business that is really progressive.




Written and contributed KristinaDIWYY


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