A Perfect 5 Day Roadtrip Itinerary for Lesvos

A Perfect 5 Day Roadtrip Itinerary for Lesvos

Lesvos is a Greek island close to the Turkish mainland and is a part of a small group of islands that’s been called "The other aegian" to make them stand out compared to the rest of the more known Aegian islands.

The island is pretty big and varied and has something to enjoy for everybody. To really make the fullest of your stay on the island I recommend you to take a road trip across it and discover the secrets and beauty in each place.

The landscape on Lesvos is very varied, something you will discover as you go along. From green hills and steep mountains to sandy beaches and wetlands and there is even a quite interesting volcanic area you should not miss.


Day 1. Arrival in Mytilini

Pick up your rental car at the airport if you arrive by plane or in the port of Mytilini if you arrive by boat. Both places have an easy pick up and drop off service that will suit your schedlue. Depending on when you arrive you should consider spending the first day in Mytilini before you hit the road.

The seafront cafes and tavernas are super cozy and the shopping area in the street behind them is filled with interesting small shops, workshops and bars. You might also want to take a sightseeing trip to the Mytilini Fortress situated between the south and north port. As this closes pretty early in the afternoon off season, check the time table for your stay to not miss the opening hours. 

Hotel tips for Mytilini: Stay at the Pyrgos of Mytilene just a short walk from the city centre


Day 2. Head for Molyvos and Petra

In the north part of Lesvos, about 60 kilometers outside Mytilini, you will reach the village of Molyvos, a piqturesc fishermans village with a beautiful harbor and a castle on the top of the hill overlooking the narrow streets and seafront below. Explore the steep and winding streets or go for a visit to the beachy village of Petra only a 5 minutes car ride from Molyvos. The beachbars and sunbeds are spread along the white, sandy beach area and the vibe is young and hip. Enjoy a good lunch or a frappe, ice coffee the Greek way, before you sunbathe or go for a refreshing swim. If you want some history and culture to go along with your visit to Petra you should visit the volcanic hill with a church on top. Climb the 114 steps to the top and you will also get a great view to Turkey on the other side.

Are you more of the sporty type you should take a hike up the Ligonas trail where you will pass by 18 ancient water mills before reaching the village Perti, the mountain village connected to Petra. The hike takes a few hours and leads you through a green and lush valley, over bridges and small rivers and up rocky paths and stone steps. If you are lucky you may stumble upon turtles and lizards. Have a refreshing drink or a meal in Petri with a stunning view over the valley before you walk the shorter route down again to Petra. If you prefer to take this hike as a guided tour get in touch with Disa Travel who will organize everything for you, either for this hike or other places around Lesvos.

Remember to enjoy a late-night meal in one of the seafront tavernas in Molyvos serving fresh fish and seafood to the sound of the sea. 

Hotel tips for Molyvos: Stay at the Sunrise Resort Hotel situated in beautiful surroundings at the foot of the fortress mountain


Day 3. Visit Sigri and Eressos

After a nice breakfast in Molyvos head for the northwest part of Lesvos to the small village Sigri and the Petrified Forrest museum and nature park. Driving to Sigri you will pass through a volcanic area very unsimilar to the drive from Mytilini to Molyvos and you might want to stop a few times on the way just to capture the scenery. Visit the Pertified forrest museum and learn about how the area developed before you go for a walk in the Pertified forrest nature park to look at the trees that were turned into “stone” ages ago. There are lying trunks that are over 20 meters long and trunks still standing that are over 7 meters long, and is the tallest standing petrified trunk in Europe. 

After walking in the park head for Eressos on the south west coast for a relaxing afternoon in one of the tavernas or cafes along the pebbled beach. 

Eressos is one of those places where you can just feel the alternative vibe wherever you go. People of all ages, types and sizes seams to love this place and everybody feels very included and welcomed. Peoplewatching is a great way to make time pass over a pre-dinner cocktail in one of the colorful beachfront bars and make sure to taste the delicious local fish and seafood dishes when heading for dinner. 

Hotel tips for Eressos: Stay at the Galini Hotel, a cozy hotel in a quiet area 2 minitues walk from the sea front.


Day 4. Plomari

If you are female and up for a long swim in the morning, join the women’s community and swim with a group to The Rock and back early the following morning before you leave Eressos. Every day a group of women gathers to swim the distance of over 800 meters in a safe and encouraging setting. Ask around for meetup place and time as it can change according to season. 

Drive to Plomari from Erosos after breakfast and/or the swim and take in the breathtaking landscape as you make your way southeast on Lesvos. There are several different routes to Plomari and if you enjoy birdwatching, make a stop in Scala Kalloni for a refreshing bird hunt with your camera or binoculars. Depending on the season you will find lots of different birds in the area. High season for birdwatching is during the summer migration from mid April to late May, but there are always a lot of birds in the wetlands in the area. 

Arrive Plomari and go for a walk in the winding streets that leads up the hill or find a nice café or restaurant to enjoy a meal with a sea view. A great photo opportunity is to go out on the stone molos from both sides of the village and not only will you have a stunning view to Plomari, but also lots of charming fishing boats. If you are into museums there is a very interesting Ouzo museum called “The world of Ouzo” located just a short drive  from the city centre. Here you can follow the production and distillation of ouzo and taste the products. Of course there is also a gift shop for you to bring back home a few souvenirs for your friends and family. In the evening, find one of the small squares in between the houses in the village of Plomari and enjoy live music to your evening meze. The grilled sardines is highly recommended to try! 

Accommodation recommodation in Plomari: Rent one of the luxury houses at Ouzo Villas located at Agios Isidoros. The villas comes fully equiped, has a  "private" swimmingpool and a stunning view to the sea and Plomari!


Day 5. Return to Mytilini

After breakfast, take a swim at the Blu Flag beach at Agios Isidoros just outside Plomari, or even better, pack your breakfast to go and enjoy it on the beach as you work on your tan. The beach has sunbeds for hire and a few small tavernas if you should need a refreshment or lunch before you return to Mytilini. 

The drive to Mytilini takes about 1 hour 15 minutes so make sure you leave enough time to deliver your rental car before your boat or plane leaves the island.


Travel tip shared by Janicke for Travel Dudes.


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