Outdoors Urban Adventures in Ljubljana

Outdoors Urban Adventures in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a vibrant and interesting city to explore. The city is situated in the middle of Slovenia in between the alps and the mediterranean sea and holds an architectural mix of renaissance, jugend, gothic, neoclassical and art deco style and has a lot of green park areas which makes the cityscape very interesting. When walking through the streets of Ljubljana you will constantly discover new elements and details that really deserves your attention. During my visit I took a city walk to discover the urban outdoors scene and found my 3 favorite outdoors activities in the city centre 

Ljubljana Castle - great view and a nice hike

A visit to Ljubljana castle is a must when discovering Ljubljana. This medieval castle is situated on the top of Castle Hill and gives you a stunning view of the city. The castle was originally built in the 15th century on the remains of an older fortress and several buildings has been added since then. To reach the castle you can take the Funicular from the old part of the city centre or you can take a nice hike up the hill. When I visited the castle I took a ride with the Funicular, that was added in 2006, to get to the top and was so surprised to learn that visitors basically can enter most of the castle area without paying. There is a beautiful courtyard with shops, cafes and restaurants which also holds a lot of events, weddings and concerts in the summer season. There is also a view tower where a lot of the visitors enter, but my favorite part of the castle was without doubt the small chapel which is placed in one of the oldest parts of the building. The room itself was not big but the atmosphere and decorations on the wall and ceiling was delicate and colorful and gave a calmness to it all. The decorations are not religious motives but the coat-of-arms of the provincial governors.  
To make the most out of the visit to the castle walk your way down to the city centre and enjoy the view, the exercise and the lovely park area surrounding the castle.  

The river and river bank - perfect for long walks and relaxation

Walking on a discovery trip around the city centre you will most likely cross the Ljubljanica river many times. All the bridges connects the two parts of the city and if you look along the river bank you will discover beautiful green park areas along the river bank for recreation and relaxation. Steps have been built leading down to the river so people can sit and enjoy the calmness, there are benches for you to relax or read a book under the shades of the trees and the area  is perfect for just walk along the river on different paths and walk ways. 
Another way to enjoy both the river and view to the green areas is to get on a river cruise or rent a Stand Up Paddle board to explore the river by yourself. 

The Tivoli park - art, exercise and new knowledge in the nature

The Tivoli park in Ljubljana is over 4 square kilometres large and holds several interesting elements like a fish pond, a botanical garden, outdoors art exhibitions, statues and fountains, a large children's playground and kilometres of pathways and roads to walk, run, bike or skate on. There are also a few large buildings like Tivoli Castle and Tivoli Sports Hall. In the summer season parts of the library is moved out into the park along with different comfortable chairs and benches. This is to encourage people to read and gain new knowledge while being in the middle of nature and outdoors. 
This was only a few of my outdoors urban experiences in Ljubljana and when walking in the city it was so easy to understand why Ljubljana was awarded with the European Green Capital Award for 2016. The award is given to cities leading the way in environmentally friendly urban living and Ljubljana’s focus on integrating green spaces and parks available for the public is enjoyable not only for the inhabitants but also makes Ljubljana a perfect destination for visitors who wants to mix an urban with a green experience.
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