Our Top Non-Singaporean Food Finds in Singapore

Our Top Non-Singaporean Food Finds in Singapore

Runner ups (in random):


1) Spicy Aglio Olio with Bacon

                We are both pasta lovers and especially are addicted to Aglio Olio due to its simplicity in taste yet bursting with flavors. Plus we are bacon lovers, too! We found this Italian fast food place called Han's at one of the food courts in Suntec City Mall. We believe they also have several branches all over Singapore. We can totally say that it passed our meticulous taste buds with flying colors. TIP: ask for additional parmesan cheese for free!


2) Korean Barbecue (Chicken and Pork)

                As we were looking for something to munch one evening, our noses (it smelled yummy, we tell you) brought us to a Korean Barbecue stall at Bugis Junction. There are lots of choices and we were having a hard time debating between chicken or pork so we ended up buying both. The meat was really tender and tasty, and the chili sauce gave the barbecue a bit of zing. Plus it was affordable at SGD1 per piece or SGD2.5 per 3 pieces!


3) Ice Cream Wafer Sandwich

                After a lot of walking (and shopping) at the numerous malls in Orchard Road, we took a breather and decided to sit at one of the benches on the side walk. We noticed a couple of ice cream vendors who were being mobbed by jolly tourists and locals, alike. And then, each one of them has this thick ice cream bar being sandwiched by two yummy-looking wafers. We decided to give it a try and boy, was this thing delish! It surely took away our exhaustion from too much walking. And then we were ready for more shopping! LOL


4) Chocolate Oreo Shakes with Sweet Tapioca Balls

                When we were there both March and September last year, we noticed a lot of food stalls in the malls selling these shakes with tapioca balls with wide variety of flavors. One hot and humid day, we agreed to buy one and check out if it is comparable to the ones we are used to be drinking in Manila. We bought at two different shops, namely Sweet Talk and Each A Cup. Well, it actually tasted better! For us, it is due to the fact that they really put a couple of Oreo cookies into the shake and not some cookies and cream flavored powder. Unfortunately, the sweet tapioca balls were not chewy and lack some flavor. Nevertheless, it was really yummy and quite cheap, too!


5) Pistachio-flavored Turkish Ice Cream

                Before our boat tour at Clarke Quay, we chanced upon an interesting small ice cream kiosk near the boat terminal. The sign said it sells Turkish ice cream and we became curious as we never had one before. We decided to pick the pistachio flavored one and after the vendor had scooped the ice cream into a cone, the show started. He surprised us with a lot of funny tricks and exhibitions in yes, handing the ice cream cone to the customer. We think his showmanship was more than enough reason to buy an ice cream from his store. PS. He has some kick-ass flavored ice cream.


The Winner: Shihlin Taiwanese Chicken Chops

                Named after the most popular night market in Taiwan, Shihlin offers different Taiwanese delicacies to Singaporeans and its visitors. We are big fans of Chicken Chops and we can assure you that this is one of the better tasting ones we have tried. (We've never been to Taiwan so maybe they have the best ones. Hehe) Shihlin sells a huge serving of the chops and for not so heavy eaters, it can be shared by two. This year, we will be going back to Singapore and this is on top of our food list.


Have you been to Singapore? What's your favorite food find besides Hainanese Chicken and Chili Garlic Crabs?


Written and contributed by 2girls1journey