Our Five Favorite Coorg Travel Tips

Our Five Favorite Coorg Travel Tips

Coorg in India is a beautiful hill station, but it offers a lot more than rolling hills and scenic landscapes.


Here is a list of our five favourite Coorg experiences:

1. Don't just smell the coffee, pick it!

When you are in Coorg visiting a coffee plantation is essential, but instead of a quick tour why not spend some time with the coffee pickers! Joining them for half a day is an interesting experience that will give you a far greater appreciation of morning coffee! Finish the day with a piping hot coffee made with fresh beans!


2. Take a cooking lesson

Coorgi food is one of the most delectable in the state of Karnataka. If you want to, don the chef’s hat get a personalised class in preparing some of the tastiest regional dishes! The cuisine of dishes use pork, chicken or fish and are cooked with coconut, curry leaves, ginger, chilli and spices like pepper and cardamom.


3. Go trekking

The Brahmagiri Ranges just outside Coorg have gathered the interest of many novice trekkers with their thick forests, sloping hills and incredible views. Local guides can help you explore the trails while providing advise on the perils of the forest and history of the area.


4. Try White Water Rafting

Many camps around Coorg offer rafting down the Cauvery. For the experienced, the route from Upper Barapole River to the south of Coorg in Brahmagiri is good fun. White water rafting is best between the months of July and October when visitors can experience the rush of adrenaline from the monsoon filled rivers.


5. Give an elephant a bath

The Dubare Forest is maintained by the forest department, who also run an ‘Elephant Training Camp'. Visitors can take part in the daily activities, including the elephants bath time!

If you really want a personal insight into the region you might want to look at staying in a Coorg homestay which means you will be staying with a local family as their guest. Your host family will have plenty of local stories and plenty of ideas to help you explore and get to know this beautiful region!


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