Olly's Place: A Piece of Paradise in Kampot, Cambodia

Olly's Place: A Piece of Paradise in Kampot, Cambodia

A Piece of Paradise

The pretty estuarine town of Kampot is definitely worth a stop if you're travelling along the Cambodian coastline. I spent five gorgeously peaceful days there, staying out of town in a little bungalow at Olly's Place (www).  

Just a six-bed establishment with a riverside terrace poking out from the trees, where more than a ten dollar bill wont be needed to stay there, and yet it's a place that's rich in character and setting.

When I arrived, two tiny puppies appeared at my feet, and my little piece of paradise was complete.


From Chilling to Adventurous Activities

You can chill out on the terrace, cool off in the clean - dark green waters, paddleboard or windsurf along the river. They can also arrange decent motorbikes to be dropped off if you want to explore further afield.

With their encouragement, we went bridge jumping into the river too - the kind of mildly dangerous activity that reminds you how laidback things are there.

Olly's french expat comrade, Cedric will lead you upriver with your paddleboards to narrow waterways leading off the main estuary. You can spend a few hours making your way back home, or all afternoon paddling through the leafy paths via dead ends, stopping for swims at tiny beaches, and getting little glimpses into traditional rural life behind the palms.


Treat Yourself

Be sure to stop for smoothies at Ganesha Eco-Resort, another gorgeous retreat.

Another tip: If you're going to eat nearby, head to Jasmine Restaurant on the main riverside stretch of town where you'll be served with great Khmer Food. Be sure to make friends with Jasmine herself - an amazing woman with some emotional stories to tell.