Ogawara Cherry Blossom, Japan

Ogawara Cherry Blossom, Japan

April: chasing the cherry blossom across Japan we had seen blooms in Kyoto, Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa and Nagano.

However, heading north to Sendai saved the best until last!

A short train ride outside of Sendai is the small town of Ogawara (about 20,000 people).  It's secret is that the river banks have been planted with 1,000 cherry trees and makes for a truely inspiring sight as you can walk along the banks of the river, appreciating their beauty.

The useful point to be aware of when looking at the Japanese Cherry Blossom Forecast is that it applies to a particular type of cherry tree - the ones with the simple five petal flowers.  Fortunately, there is range of cherry trees and this extends the season by several weeks later.

However, knowing the locations of the late blooming trees is handy.