Odeonsplatz - No 7 of Top Ten Things to See and Do - The Best of Munich

Odeonsplatz - No 7 of Top Ten Things to See and Do - The Best of Munich

The Best of Munich top ten continues.

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#7. Odeonsplatz:

Odeonsplatz is a neat stopover during a walk in and around the Marienplatz. I say stopover because it demands more observation than interaction.

A large pedestrian square, flanked by the Theatine Church (built in Italian-Baroque style) on one side and the Munich Residenz on the other, the Felderrnhalle, provides a sort of entrance to the inner city.

In fact, Odeonsplatz today marks the spot where the Schwabinger Tor once stood, the entrance to the old city from what was the village of Schwabing. Years later, Odeonsplatz would make history once again during the Hitlerputsch in 1923.


Upon the Feldherrnhalle stand two Bavarian lions: one of which stands with its mouth closed while the other stands with its mouth wide open. It is said by some that the mouths of these lions symbolize the importance of speaking up against ones ruler but never against ones Church.  Standing guard to the left of Odeonsplatz is set of smaller lions, standing proudly en guard outside the Residenz.

Travelers Tip:

As you pass these lions, you’ll notice that their noses are lacking a bit of colour. Why you ask? Because it is custom for locals and tourists alike to rub the noses of lions in passing, a traditional that is (almost) guaranteed to bring you luck!


Standing at the end of the Ludwigstrasse, Odeonsplatz is the epicentre of street fests, events and festivals near the inner city. From the Klassik am Odeonsplatz held on an annual basis at the beginning of July to street fests held throughout the year, Odeonsplatz is a great place to gather for a cafe at the Hofgarten or the beginning of a stroll into the Englischer Garten.  

Moving outwards from Marienplatz, past Odeonsplatz, you will eventually pass die Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), the Bavarian State Library as well as LMU – the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the best university in Bavaria and one of the top academic institutes in the country. 


Travel Tip shared by Arden