Not a typical tourist destination - Madobak Ugai Matotonan Village

Not a typical tourist destination - Madobak Ugai Matotonan Village

Madobak, Ugai and Matotonan villages are not specifically designed into a tourist destination, but their traditional culture and life are well-preserved, making them interesting places for travelers.

They are Situated in the upper stream of Siberut Selatan. From Muara Siberut, you should take the Purou-Muntei-Rokdok-Madobak-Ugai-Butui-Matotonan route. Each village has its own unique culture.


Madobak, for instance, is famous for its cool Kulu Kubuk waterfall. It has two levels with a total of 70 meters. Each village is also famous for its traditional home, locally known as an Uma, and its traditional  ceremony performed by a Sikerei, or shaman.

This traditional ceremony is usually performed during weddings, occupation of a new home, to facilitate healing or to drive away evil spirits. Shaman in these three villages still preserve the use of underwear and headbands (Luat) made of colorful beads.

Some locals also have Mentawai traditional tattoos made of sugarcane and coconut charcoal dye. These tattoos are made using nails or pins, and two pieces of wood as a pad and hammer. According to the local community, the tattooing process is very painful.

You should not miss the unique traditional culture in Mentawai!