Not To Forget: Travel Packing Checklist

Not To Forget: Travel Packing Checklist

Some packers believe in lists, while others pack on-the-fly.

Listed here are a few things you should pack whether you plan to the last detail, including how to make a bill payment for your mobile connection while away, or you start pushing things in your bag just before you go to sleep.

Your Travel Packing Checklist

Essential documents and Money

Get your IDs, passports and other documents in one place. Luckily for you with the advent of smartphones, you can add all these to cloud associated with your account. Just ensure that your mobile phone bill plan has enough data to keep you connected on the go.


Clothing, Accessories and Footwear

What you wear on your trip largely depends on where you are going and the kind of activities you will engage in.  Your list of accessories and types of footwear will follow the same logic but one word that should rule all your choices is flexibility. Do not pack everything you like, instead be pragmatic and pack everything you may need.

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While on the go, do not neglect your hygiene. Carry your own shampoos, soaps, tissues, towel, sunscreen, wet wipes, deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.


Travel Health Kit

If you are on regular medication, you would know the importance of a health kit to carry your life-saving medicines. Even if you are not on any regular medication, carry band aids, painkillers, balms, etc. In the age of Internet, you can either download an app or use Google for a simple search for the nearest pharmacy in case you need anything. You can buy ready made up first-aid-kits that will include all of the necessities.


Electronic Gadgets and Accessories

It is electronic gadgets that have become a major source of entertainment today and can keep you engaged. You may also need machines to sleep, bring relief from pain, etc. Remember to pack them with care so that they are not harmed during the travel.


Stay Connected

We all need to stay connected and the best way to do so in today’s times is through unlimited postpaid offers of several companies. Choose a plan as per your budget and your travel destination. If you are a domestic traveler, chose a myPlan Infinity that allows for unlimited calling with data benefits. If travelling abroad, Infinity comes to the rescue with 30GB offered for 3 months with a cap of 10GB data per month. Check out the website for details.


Entertainment and Information

Books or kindle, magazines or ipod, travel guides or apps, diaries or ipads, it is all a personal choice. You just have to remember to carry what you are comfortable with and record your thoughts and capture some fantastic memories forever.


Bags to be Organised

Travel and comfort accessories again depend on the nature of your trip.  A smaller carry-on bag to safeguard documents, cosmetics bag, toiletries bags, shoe bags, the list can be quite long. You know where you are going and what interests you. Choose your bags wisely and if you over-shop, go ahead and purchase a new bag with a payment app.

Roll your clothes to save space, pack your liquid items separately and always carry extra plastic bags is some extra advice for you.  There are five things to keep in mind while packing - necessity, costs, convenience and practicality.  The fifth is something modern – a mobile calling and data plan - such as best postpaid offers that will give you the freedom to search, call and stay connected on the go.


Start packing for a Happy Journey!