Northern Morocco - Street Food

Northern Morocco - Street Food

If you missed breakfast at home, there will be a stand on every street selling traditional Moroccan bread with delicious toppings - from honey, to cheese, to chocolate, to olive oil and more. Some popular breads include malawi, a thin, crepe-like bread, and harsha, a thick, nutty option.

As you wander medinas and chat with friendly locals, don't forget to check out the snacks Morocco offers. Everywhere you go, you'll see piles of colorful nuts. On chilly nights, try snail soup or lentil soup for only a few dirhams. One of my favorite examples of Moroccan street food is caliente, which is like a smashed chickpea pie. Sprinkle cumin on it for a spicy, creamy snack.
Lastly, make sure that everywhere you go, you drink some delicious, warm, sugary mint tea!


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