The nightlife variety of Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

The nightlife variety of Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Ton Sai Bay has a variety of nightlife; something for everyone’s taste. Jazz, Blues and Classics can be found at the leading hotels. Or, if it’s romance you are after, you and your loved one can relax in one of the outside hotel bars and sip a cocktail under the stars.

If 5-star hotel service isn’t within your budget, then never mind; there are some bars on Ton Sai set on the beach where you can order a beer and lay back in one of their hammocks or sit back on the beach and enjoy the company of friends, like Carlito's, Sunflower or Mojito's, all great and safe beach style bars.

Please also be warned that some of the beach bars on Loh Dalum bay have recently in 2009 become problematic to many tourists, including drinks spiked, robbery, stabbings etc. One is Apache and another is Ibiza bar, and Ibiza being the worst one. The general idea now is except for known safe beach bars, is that tourists stick to the bars in the town area and not the ones on the Loh Dalum beach as they are safer. Good bars are Velvet Dojo's, Reggae Bar, Breakers, Jordans, Sports Bar or Rollin Stoned for a great live band.

For those however, who love nothing more than a dance to compliment their drinks then they won’t be disappointed, Phi Phi has a collection of dance bars where visitors can boogy away to the latest dance tunes while having the chance to savor a breath-taking variety of cocktails. Good dance bars in Phi Phi include the Tiger bar, Reggae Bar and Carlito's bar. The law-enforcers usually allow, if there is no trouble, bars to open until about 3 - 4AM.

The prices of drinks are quite high (cocktails around 180 baht). Many bars offer similar entertainment, cabarets and striking fire shows - performed by the same people, advertised by posters and flyers apparently drawn by the same person...

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