Nightlife in Tel Aviv? Experience Florentine neighborhood!

Nightlife in Tel Aviv? Experience Florentine neighborhood!

Most Israel travel guides don't write too much about this spot, but if you're after the real Tel Aviv nightlife vibe then you have to check out Florentin.

Generally, guidebooks will send you to the Tel Aviv port area for clubbing, which is cool if you like mainstream hits, overpriced drinks (even by local terms) and a more pan-Israeli crowd, as most people who go out to the port area are from outside Tel Aviv.

It's the local equivalent of say, the West End clubs in London.


The cooler crowd in Tel Aviv tend to go out in the south of the city - Florentin, especially Vital St. and the Florentin and Frenkel streets, west of Herzl, are dotted with cool bars, diverse music policies and their own unique vibes.

Even this part of town is becoming a bit more mainstream that it used to be, though. The really cool places are actually on the side street, on the emerging side of Florentin, in the Levinsky Market area where mostly locals go.

Try the rundown Hoodna Bar on Abarbanel 13 if you want to be surrounded by the neighbourhood's cool kids, although keep in mind that prices are not as cheap as the place's squat-like appearance would suggest.

Another nearby place just off Florentin is the Uganda bar on Simtat beit habad 5 (a tiny little alleyway). It can be a bit quiet sometimes but the music is always good and there are sometimes interesting (and free) live gigs.


Just take a walk down and you'll find something you like for sure!


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