Nightlife in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Nightlife in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen has much to offer up and down the famed 5th Avenue when it comes to nightlife.

My personal favorites of the hotel/bar combos Playa has to offer: Blue Parrot and Fusion.

Both have websites:
Blue Parrot

Both have nightly fire shows, often feature live music, have a dance party every evening, have special perks for guests (at the bar in the evenings as well as for breakfast in the morning) and are right on the beach. And while they have many of the perks that some far larger all inclusive resorts have, they feel far more local and not as touristy as many other hot spots feel.
You'll find locals among the tourists and you meet people from all over the board travel-wise...from backpackers to honeymooners.

Blue Parrot has ladies nights for their guests, where ladies drink free and unlimited. The dance party begins every night on the beach following the fire show (which is not to be missed). The bar has seats made out of swings and there are two dance floors. One on a stage and the other much more intimate and sort of set up like a sand pit.

Fusion has wonderful live music and a truly amazing atmosphere. While in Playa I returned many times to Fusion or to the beach just outside the bar to sit and listen to it's live music or watch the nightly fire show - and soak up the atmosphere. Should I get the chance to return to Playa again, I will stay at Fusion.

There is an abundance of places to eat both on your way to a party at Fusion or Blue Parrot as well as after (when you might be a little sauced and in need of sustenance) on 5th avenue. It's essentially the main drag in the touristy area of Playa and yet having traveled around the world, it's impressive how "un-touristy" 5th avenue seemed to me, in comparison to other places I've been. From little taquerias and pizza places to 5 star dining that echoes the chic atmosphere you will find in NYC or LA; there is no shortage of choices to satisfy even the most discerning foodie!

My favorite for gourmet dining in Playa was Yaxche. Yaxche Website Mayan style cuisine and atmosphere combine for a very rich experience. Make sure to order after-dinner coffee, you won't be disappointed as coffee serving at Yaxche is an art and a show of its own!

Written and contributed by Kirsten Alana


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