Nightlife of Malaga, Andalucia

Nightlife of Malaga, Andalucia

Malaga nightlife will make you think that nobody sleeps in this town even during the work week! However, it is especially busy from Thursday to Sunday, where people buy their drinks in the supermarkets and have them at night in controlled areas known as "botellodromos" in the city center (Plaza de la Merced is the place we were), before going into the clubs:

- Metropol, Cosa Nostra, Vaticano, Andén (big busy Latin club)

- Velvet Club (aka Sonic, plays metal, hardcore, punk) [not open Sundays]

- Nyx, Urbano, Village Green (Rock, Indie, etc).

- White, Abyssinia, Bar El Sound (Rap, Hip Hop, R&B)

- Paradise/Punto G, Warhol (gay)

- ChillHouse ( house-dance music)

- El Pimpi, Calle Granada (Around the corner from the Picasso Museum). Famous for its sweet yet strong local wine. Tapas and other bites.

- There are several nice Moroccan-style tea houses in town, serving an amazing variety of teas in addition to other interesting non-alcoholic drinks.

A friend and me got a flight once, just for a weekend to enjoy the nightlife of Malaga. We loved it and I would do it every time again.

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